I’m Natalia- 24 yo blogger from Slovakia currently living and working in Prague who loves to travel and share her life on the internet

I started blogging 6 years ago on Tumblr and grew it through there and Instagram to my own blog which is a combination of those two (renegade-is-in-my-blood and Nat7x)

My beginnings are details described in My blogging beginnings and tricks how you can prosper your blog.
Through my years on Tumblr, I’ve worked with many fashion sites on different programs which resulted in me writing for them on my “not such good quality blog” back then. From Tumblr, I switched to WordPress and from there to a self-hosted website. More about that in How to take your blog to a pro-level.

So here I am writing so-called proper articles about everything that catches my attention and learning from my many mistakes. From fashion, travel, movies, tv shows, celeb gossip, news, opinions, and personal stuff.

I’m blessed with unexpected support from my beloved readers and your attention makes me grow as a writer.

Forever grateful for your time.
xo Natalia