I moved out! After 3 years in my old, still cute but small apartment I am now happily sitting in a new 2 room apartment of my dreams. Altogether I’ve been in my new place for like 3 weeks now and I already managed to get quarantined in here with covid. More on that in my Second Covid in war times. It was a great time to really get used to it.

The whole impulse of moving out came around autumn 2021.

Some of you might be familiar with the fact that I have been in a long-distance situationship (I really despise this dating age) with a certain guy. We had big plans for the future and I made the mistake of believing a sweet talker – 2021 was all about Him.

My bad guys. Apparently, when someone says let’s move in together and you start to look for an apartment together, he even quits his previous job and starts to look for a new one in your city, it doesn’t necessarily mean he actually means it.

Anyway – as I was looking for our new place to live in, I came across a perfect place.

It was at times when I already knew no moving in together was happening but no man has ever stopped me from getting what I wanted and no man will ever do.

I don’t need a man to move with me. Sure financially it would be easier to share a rent with someone but the knowledge it’s all mine is better for now.

I had simple requirements for my new place.

  • Closer to work, which means closer to the center of Prague.
  • Dishwasher. I truly and passionately hate washing dishes and the dishwasher is in my humble opinion the greatest human invention.
  • Bath. A shower is ok, but I missed just lieing in a bubble bath, drinking wine, listening to music and just chilling. I could do that back home only so that was like 3-5 baths a year. What a sad life.
  • Bigger. One room appartment is ok for the begginigns. But after 3 years it gets so crowded. You sleep, eat, cook, work, workout, chill, watch tv or anything in the same room. I really wanted a room for just sleeping. To develop a healthy habbits of sleep hygiene.
  • Balcony. For my plants mostly but also for summer nights.
  • not that much expensive.

My new apartment matched all of my requirements.

My new place was available from February 2022 and my old apartment contract expired in February.

So it was a month when I rented 2 apartments in Prague which was quite financially difficult, considering I had to pay the realtor, first commission, first rent, and all new furniture and appliances.

But it is what it is and I did what I had to do.

From the previous owners I bought a couch and 2 wardrobes, otherwise, the apartment was empty.

I would never be able to move all of my belongings on my own.

Another plan was that my ex situationship guy would come to help me move but at that point, we were not even friends anymore. Now we are in this toxic cycle of friendship-ish but that is a whole other topic.

So my dad and his new van came along with my sister, who had no money for a Christmas gift for me so her gift was free help with moving.

Never did I realize how much stuff I owned.

And how much useless stuff I owned that got thrown away during moving.

The whole move took us like 4 days. With packing, even though I did some on my own already, to moving boxes from old to a new place which took like 6-8 drives of a van full of boxes, to shopping for screws, IKEA hunt and building the furniture itself.

The style I went for with the living room that’s combined with the kitchen to the greenish boho style.

My plants and my general love for plants is a key element itself and I tuned everything around that.

So plants are all around my whole apartment not only dominant in a living room.

Another dominant in a room are these dark green curtain from IKEA.

They are longer than I originally wanted them to be.

I had plans to adjust them but to be fair I’m kinda digging the long messy look. It’s missing the white sipple curtain underneath it but hey, I’ve been here for a few weeks, I still have time to design everything in time.

Furniture – table and tv set is set in white colors with hard minimalistic lines. All from IKEA btw.

For the appliances, I needed a fridge and a tv. Well, I didn’t necessarily need a tv for a living right away. But since I had some help with me it was easier for me to get everything all at once.

For the fridge, I knew I wanted a dark one. That’s all.

For Tv, I wanted to have the ones with a led light on the other site that changes based on what’s on TV. For example, if there are preferably green colors on screen then the background would also glow in green. So I got exactly that one and I’m so excited about it. Looks like this:

It’s all about details and for that, I used a bunch of pillows all from shein. 

So far I only shopped and reviewed sheins clothes. There are plenty of them in my shein section.

Ever since I found out about the moving I’m digging their home and living section. Super cute and it’s mostly the style I was looking for in my place as well.

Modern, hipster-like vintage clean aesthetics.

The green velvet pillows are from here and the bubblegum ladies are also from shein but I got it like 3 years ago so I no longer have a link to it.

For the bathroom, I also implemented plants, both live plants and artificial ones I got from shein.

From shein I also got several items for my bathroom.

For my beautiful bath, I needed a shower curtain. My plan was to pick one that would be dominant in a room. Nothing else should attract your attention but this curtain and I think I nailed it.

It’s this one here, unfortunately, sold out now.

Another item I got from them is this storage rack for toilet paper.

I’m not allowed to drill to bathroom tiles so I needed something that would not require that.

This one is just stuck to the wall, holds perfectly, and my favorite thing, and the reason I choose it is the top rack part. Ideal to keep your phone on while doing your business cuz let’s face it no one goes to the toilet without their phone anymore and where do you put it? Besides my phone, I keep Yankee candles on there.

The last item I got from there is quite a fail and a bad review. It’s also quite hard to show you as it’s transparent so it’s easier if you just click this link to know what I’m talking about.

I got these non-sticking circles for a bath.

In theory, they are perfect. Almost invisible, you can arrange it however you want and they are super cheap.

The reality was slightly different.

They survived showers I have to give them that. But once I got into my first bath this non-slippery sticker slipped and was floating all around me. From that moment I had to throw them out and get a proper one-piece non-slip mat.

I had to get a washing machine as there was none in the apartment.

Honestly, I had no idea what do I need to require in a washing machine.

So my parents kindly helped me with that and even got me one for my 26 birthday. Birthday post HERE. All I know is that it’s called Candy and it’s a washer and a dryer and I love it.

The bedroom is or more likely will be in pastel colors, with an accent on white, preferably grey curtains, and carpet with lots of plants as well. I’m also thinking about light pink decorations.

That room is not quite finished yet.

Besides a bed from IKEA with a mattress there is nothing much else there. Only this artificial leaf vine from shein all around it and some plants on a shelf.

And Marilyn Monroe obviously cuz that is a must in my apartment.

I also need to recommend these satin pillowcases. There are a bunch of articles explaining its benefits for your skin and hair and I got myself these from shein and I’m not using any other now.

Outside my apartment is this cute floor mat also from shein. 

There is a bunch of stuff still missing, like some pictures I plan on painting myself, carpets, bedroom tables, and of course more plants.

And I haven’t even started decorating my balcony yet.

Hopefully, I’ll start soon and I have big plans for that. And for my plants as well.

I have plenty of time to do that cuz I plan on staying in my dream home for as long as I feel like it.

It just feels so right to be here.


  1. April 1, 2022 / 9:57 pm

    Nice place. Congrats. It even comes with sunset included… 👍🏻

  2. March 3, 2023 / 9:01 am

    very nice apartment) you have good taste in interior design

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