I’ve spent the early days of September 2021 in Mallorca Spain. Haven’t got a chance to write it down here yet for the following reasons:

  • It was so long ago and I was postponing reviewing it for so long it doesn’t feel right anymore.
  • It was a family holiday in a hotel next to a beach and even though it was awesome and super relaxing, there is not much to say about chilling all day long on a Mallorcas beach.
  • Honestly, it wasn’t as eventful as it might seem.
  • I was bored most of the time and spending my time on dating apps or talking to guys as I was on a bad term with my now ex-man.

There is something to say about the last one to be fair so here we go.

I’m a huge fan of dating apps and I’ve been using them for years now and I shared many pieces about it. For example my 5 types of Marks I met online dating piece. I’ve been matching with these Marks all over the world and Spanish guys have some features in common that just fascinate me.

My favorite app for dating is definitely Tinder.

Easy, simple, most popular and you can only talk to the people you match with. Only when the attraction is mutual.

But, they do have a very strict policy and can ban you just like that and you might never get your account back.

Yep, that’s what happened to me.

No idea why I wasn’t able to reach anyone competent about an explanation or any way to get it back. Honestly, I think one particular guy blocked or reported me or whatever for saying no but I can’t be sure. All I know is that I 100% did not break any tinder rules or anything.

BTW- right now I have a new tinder account, only with my sister’s phone number. She’s already engaged so she won’t be setting tinder account any time soon.

So at the time, I was on a holiday in Mallorca with my family, being super bored, all I had was a Badoo dating app.

For those of you who are not familiar with it, it’s pretty much just like tinder, with one difference. Anyone can contact anyone, mutual attraction isn’t needed.

In my opinion, Badoo is super chaotic but much funnier than tinder.

Let’s be real, most guys would shoot their shot with anyone. The ones that want to be remembered for their first message, and not get lost in a sea of Hi/Hey/Hello, would go over to the top sometimes and would send the most ridiculous first messages ever. I’m talking about poems about your beauty, super cheesy lines, or unwanted photos if you know what I mean.

So Badoo it is.

The first thing I noticed there was that almost none of the guys messaging me spoke English.

Sure I’m a tourist in a foreign country, I can’t be speaking my own language and expect locals to understand me. I’m not American (jk sorry guys). But after I briefly explain to them I don’t speak Spanish and asked if they speak English 98% answered no, only Spanish.

The second thing about guys I talked to in Spain through dating apps is that the language barrier didn’t stop them at all. Most of them would use a simple google translator to talk to me and the effort was so sweet. The rest of them would continue our conversation in Spanish expecting me to catch on I guess.

The third thing I noticed was a great passion. You know all of the stereotypes about Spanish guys being all passionate and into curves. Well, I was met with the fulfillment of these stereotypes and I was loving every second of it.

The fourth thing and the most bizarre was this. No matter the fact that we spoke different languages, I didn’t speak Spanish, they didn’t speak English, some of them were so bold to actually call me.

I don’t do phone calls unless you’re someone very special and I feel very comfortable with you.

Or for work but that’s a whole different personality of mine.

And the fact that some random guys would just call me and expect me to even pick up and have a conversation on the phone through google translator was ridiculous. And it wasn’t just one guy that does this as some sort of his weird move.

There were like 6 guys from all over Mallorca calling me and I did my best to hide it from my family.

So now I’m confused. Maybe this is what they do on dating apps in Spain. Instead of talking through the text, do they talk through a call with strangers?

I honestly don’t know now and if someone has some explanation feel free to tell me, please.

I’ll stick to texting for now.

But I’ll be ready for my next time in Spain for sure to pick up the phone.


  1. February 18, 2022 / 7:46 pm

    Good luck, it sounds a little too scary for me 😳

  2. Dona# Inky
    August 28, 2023 / 10:44 pm

    Ready to install,my love waiting for me on an app🤦🏿‍♂️

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