As a woman with problematic skin and a love for cosmetics, there are a shit ton of products I have tried on myself already. Some were good for a while. Some left me even worse than before. Trying a bunch of new products every other day isn’t the best for your skin either. That’s why when you find something that works you stick with it. Vichy is one of those brands worth sticking with.

As a pharmacist, I was well aware of Vichy long before trying it myself.

Vichy is one of a dermatologist’s recommended cosmetics, therefore a part of the pharmacy’s assortment. Naturally, this is the main reason why I had plenty of access to and information about the brand. Honestly, Vichys or Loreals courses were always the best. It was a great opportunity to try all of their products, talk with dermatologists and they served the best snacks at those courses.

Recently I came across an amazing feature I need to share with you: Vichy skin analysis. 

Basically, you show Vichy your face and a skin analysis tool app will create a personalized routine for you with a detailed skin analysis with your strong features just as the imperfections you need to focus on. The best part is that the app would recommend the products ideal for your individual skin type, based on the previous analysis. Even better- it’s all for free available at Vichys page or this link HERE.

For example, it looks something like this:

My strongest feature is no sight of deep visible wrinkles. But I should work on my dark eye circles and eye wrinkles along with brightening my skin tone. Fits perfectly.

Vichy then proceeded to recommend the product just for me. My skin type requires an aqualia line of day cream and night cream. Funnily enough, I tried both of them years ago and they were great but I just wanted to try something else and never returned to them since.

For my eye circles, I was recommended the famous line of mineral 89- eyes.

I haven’t tried this one yet but I will soon enough cuz I tried and loved other minerals 89 products. The Mineral itself deserved the hype it’s getting and so far it’s the best booster I ever tried. I personally used like 5 bottles already.

Currently, I’m using and loving vichys new product mineral 89 with prebiotics. The main difference I noticed between this new mineral and the original one is that the original one makes your skin all juicy, full, pampered. Prebiotics one is more about the overall healthier looks rather than the feeling.

All of that needs to be applied to clean skin obviously and I was recommended this micellar water. 

I don’t know why but I’m not a fan of micellar waters.

I just don’t like the texture, unnecessary mess and I feel like it does nothing for me.

My preferred cleansers are gels or foam like the ones I tagged. It’s just so simple to do my skincare routine in a shower where I can wash off the mess.

I’m so glad I stumbled upon Vichy skin consultant cuz I truly believe it’s a great way to help people understand their personal skin needs and find a way through a bunch of products available, to the ones ideal for them.

You can ask for all of the analysis data to be sent to your email for further reference.

Check it out, not only for the product’s recommendation but mostly for the fun of understanding your own skin.

I talked about my favorite Vichy products before in my Skincare underneath the face mask that’s still relevant.



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