Today marks exactly one month till Christmas. The ideal time to start, or in my case finish up Christmas gifts shopping. I know Americans are all about thanksgiving first, but the rest of the world is free to have a Christmas mood already and I so do.

I spend the last 2 weeks sick at home with nothing to do so I’m mostly done with my Christmas shopping. Or more precisely, I’m waiting for them all to arrive.

In case my family members would read this, I’m not gonna share exactly what I got them, but I’ll share some tips for Christmas gifts.

I preferred online shopping long before covid.

No people, no queue, no Black Friday mess, no need to decide right away, chance to find the best deals from the comfort of my bed, and again- no people.

If you’re one of those people who never know what to get your family and friends, you really should step up your listening game.

Let’s assume you’re buying gifts for the people you love, is there really nothing you know about them that would make them happy? Nothing they can’t stop talking about? Anything missing? Is there something you personally like, or an item that makes your life better that you’d want to share with the other person?

But there is a chance you’re buying a gift for someone you don’t know well but for some reason, you’re obligated to get them something. In that case general for her/for him,/for kids sections of most websites are perfect. Or there is a chance you’re buying something for someone with zero hobbies, interests, or personality, and what a sad life that must be.

For that case, I’d recommend something that is pretty basic. Something you can’t go wrong with. Something that gets a lot of attention in recent months/years. It’s also something that is very close to my heart and profession.


Jk, but not really. I’m talking about supplements you can gift someone that’s gonna pretty much say “I care about you and your health and I want you in my life for a very long time”

Some time ago a shared a piece called What vitamins does a Pharmacist take? and that one is still relevant today.

For a simple Christmas gift, I would go with something non-specific. Something you can’t hurt anyone with or offend. Like, for example, don’t buy anyone weight loss tablets, that goes without saying right?

But you can’t go wrong with multivitamins, vitamin D, vitamin C, probiotics, omega 3, or popular collagen. Or any immunity booster would be golden these days.

iHerb offers an amazing variety of products for great prices and extra discounts that’s changing regularly so make sure you catch the best ones. I personally have only positive experiences with ordering from iHerb. 

Another positive experience I have had from online shopping is with shein. I talked about them so much already and this time they’re going really big for black Friday with up to 80% off!!

For the last couple of days, it seems that all I’m doing is scrolling their app, which is awesome btw.

If you download shein app, available for android and iPhone, and register, you’re gonna get 15% off your first order. For those of you who like to stick with the computer version, there’s available 10% off your first order if you register to shein. 

My favourite category these days is the home category because I have some news.

I’ll be moving out in a couple of months!

I love my current apartment and I had amazing 3 years in it but I just feel like it’s time for a change. As I was home sick for over 2 weeks, which I explained in my Blogging Hiatus post, I had plenty of time to search for a new apartment.

My requirements were simple. Closer to work. Bigger. With bath instead of a shower. Washing machine. Allows pets, even though I don’t have any yet. Balcony or terrace for my plants. Good price.

I found my dream home pretty soon and it was mine right away and I’m super excited about it.

I’m not gonna own it thought. As a millennial, I gave up a dream of owning a property a long time ago and I’m at peace with renting for the rest of my life.

I’m gonna move at the beginning of 2022 and till that day I’m gonna decorate it in my head.

Shein’s home section offers plenty of incredible pieces and I’m so close to buying way too many home accessories for a home I don’t have yet.

This particular category has plenty of Christmas gifts option and it’s much easier to shop for that than clothes.

And 80% off is an amazing black Friday sale so make sure you’ll get your dream pieces before they sold out.

I have my Christmas gifts on a way, Christmas decoration along with a Christmas tree is already up in my current apartment and I honestly feel no shame about it. I can’t wait for the peace and whole Christmas vibe to hit cuz I think we all deserve it this year.

We have one month to go so happy shopping.




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