Mykonos island is associated with a luxurious, fancy holiday for celebrities and Instagram influencers and it’s totally true. But could normal non-famous people afford it? Could students and regular workers afford it and still have a good time? Short answer: Yes.

Longer answer about how much my vacation in Mykonos costs is here.

The general article about how was it is my Mykonos- Island of Influencers. You can find more specific details in Mykonos transportation. Now I’ll talk about the money.

Me and my friends got our plane tickets through Skyscanner for 30€ from Vienna to Mykonos. First of all, we had to get to Vienna and from Prague where we live. We got to the airport by bus for around 20€.

Firstly we got cheap flight tickets and only after that, we realized how expensive Mykonos accommodations really are.

We looked through Booking and set our filter from cheapest to most expensive offers. Honestly, I personally wouldn’t mind paying more but it’s kind of our tradition of traveling on a budget as we’ve been doing this since school. And this vacation, in particular, was more about if it’s even possible to not spend a fortune in Mykonos.

The apartment we found was called Eldimar and it cost 140€ per person for 3 nights and 4 days. It was a cute greek house with 3 beds in one room with kitchen and bathroom. The kitchen was filled with breakfast food and our host Maria was on WhatsApp answering all of our dumb questions.

Like for example how does Mykonos transportation works cuz it’s pretty odd. I described it in detail in Mykonos transportation.

But to sum it up: Bus tickets cost 2-2,5€ depending on how long is your ride. Taxi is around 20€ and boat taxi is 10-20€ depending on what beaches are connected.

For example, a whole day boat trip from 4 am till evening with food, pool, music and I’m not sure if drinks are included but it cost 70€. I know this because one day as we were laying on a beach a really hot guy who works for a party boat was recruiting some girls next to us with the last 2 spots on a boat for them. No more room for us thought.

Speaking of beaches and beach prices:


Our first day at the beach was a Sunday so it might have something to do with the fact that all of the beach beds were already taken. Or more precisely reserved.

Me and my friends went to Ornos beach that was closest to our apartment. Even though we arrived early in the morning we were too late.

The Ornos beach is quite long with several bars and its beach clubs separated by color or beds design.

The prices of the beach beds surprised me a lot and I was kinda glad there were none left for us.

I was going from beach club to beach club asking for a bed and its prices.

The first one charged 50€ per bed for a day. The other one was 45€ but they were all booked anyway. Another one was 50€ again and the cheapest I found was 35€ with a 15€ drinks requirement.

So the moral of the story is- you don’t need a fancy beach bed and if you want one book one ahead.

We took our beach towels and put them on the sand in a no club area and had an awesome time anyway.

To avoid spending way too much on drinks in beach bars we bought bottled drinks in a nearby supermarket for 1,5€ each, some snacks, sandwiches for lunch, and a bottle of water and we were all set for a day on a beach for much lower prices.

So our breakfast was covered in our apartment, lunch was covered by a supermarket but we had dinner in town every night.

Nightlife or dinner itself starts much later than we’re used to. We went for dinner and drinks at around 8 pm and most of the restaurants were half empty. By the time we were finishing with our meal, everything was full.

Mykonos works on a simple rule- the closest to the beach the more expensive food.

We usually ate in a city center and we tried different restaurants. The price of food is not much different from the rest of Europe. For a basic meal of pasta we paid around 15€, drinks up to 10€. The most expensive meal I got was a lasagne for 20€ and that’s the highest I got.

After diner, we would walk around the city center Fabrika and we even checked some other restaurants and their prices that were closer to the water. The difference was around +5€ per meal. So it’s all about the location of the restaurant.

We even went for a famous Jimmy’s kebab. There are recommendations all over the internet so we had to try it on our last day and it truly meets its hype. What’s so attractive about it is the location, prices- around 5€ per kebab, and friendly staff.

To sum it up. It’s possible to visit Mykonos and not spend all your savings. Good time doesn’t have to cost much if you don’t need silk sheets and 50€ beach bed and caviar shrimps for dinner you’re good to go.

For 4 days in Mykonos, I spend altogether around 500€.

If that’s too much or too little is up to interpretation due to your personal financial situation.

Even on a budget, we enjoyed ourselves to the fullest.

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