It seems like these days, people are either battling delta variant, getting engaged/married/pregnant, or are in Mykonos. Me and my friends went for the last one on a very spontaneous trip.

From the beginning, it seemed like we were destined to be there as everything went surprisingly smoothly. Mykonos is one of the most beautiful places I have ever visited and I’m definitely gonna be back when I’m rich and famous.

Here is what happened on Mykonos.

I was having a really crappy day when my friend send me a link to cheap Mykonos plane tickets with a simple “wanna go?”. I really wanted to.

In like 10 minutes we bought the tickets and honestly it was the quickest we have ever decided on a trip together. From the decision to the organization. We’re simply getting better at it. Our last vacation together took several months to plan, but there was 7 of us thought. More on that in Greece Vacation with restrictions.

Till that moment my only information on Mykonos was that it’s a beautiful greek island where celebrities and influencers go to. Only when I started to search for a place to stay in Mykonos did I learn one very important new info.

Mykonos is hella expensive.

As usual, we looked for a place to stay at booking.

Going on a low-cost trip to Mykonos seemed to be really challenging but we found a perfect and not so expensive apartment on booking and it was a great choice.

I’m gonna write a separate piece about the prices in Mykonos soon, so stay tuned for that.

We stayed at ELDIMAR apartments and let me praise them for a while.

It was a simple small house with 3 beds, a kitchen, and a bathroom in a typical Greek style. Super cute. White and blue colors.

What totally blew us away was the breakfast.

Our fridge and shelves were full of food- juices, water, bread, cheese, ham, some cakes, coffee, and more. Available for us at all times. We even had a toaster so we made some nice sandwiches in the morning and enjoyed it with a coffee outside with a spectacular view.

We even had super sweet local neighbors of an old greek couple.

They didn’t speak English but they would wave and smile at us every morning and one morning the old lady even brought us fresh figs! It was so sweet and they were delicious.

I miss sitting on a terrace in the morning, eating fresh greek figs from the garden with my legs up, and watching people windsurf down on the beach. That was the maximum level of peace I ever reached I guess.

Our host Maria was super helpful and answered all of our stupid questions about how does the transportation in Mykonos works, how to get anywhere and she was at reach when we needed anything.

So we flew from Viena to Mykonos by Wizzair in covid times.

We got our tickets at a good price as usual through Skyscanner. These ones from Viena to Mykonos cost us 30 euros. We also use Momondo or Kiwi for the best a cheapest plane tickets.

Wizzair made sure all of the passengers wore their face masks correctly so that’s really great. Many were reminded it goes over your nose too several times by fly attendants during our approximately 2-hour long ride.

Mykonos is famous for its very short plane runaway. I heard plenty of scary stories from different influencers about how their plane tried landing several times but just couldn’t. Usually, they would end up on a different greek island and travel to Mykonos by boat.

I hate boats. I was so nervous the same thing would happen to us and we would need to travel for much longer. We were going on just a 4 days trip so any travel delay would suck badly.

Luckily nothing like that happened.

We arrived safely with a plane full of mostly young people, all dressed up very nicely. Personally, I never understood why would anyone choose to look good over comfort on a plane but that’s a whole other topic.

Mykonos is a very small island. From what we googled and information we got from our host maria there are several ways of transportation.

I was stunned by the whole transportation system and it deserved an individual article in my opinion. You can check it out here: Mykonos transportation.

We visited Mykonos in August when the summer season is fully on and the island is overflowing with tourists. Young, beautiful tourists, occasionally some young families with small children but we haven’t met many old rich people there. They were probably hiding in some private mansion.

It’s mostly a party island to capture on your Instagram and I don’t want it to sound too pretentious even though it kinda was.

There were photoshoots everywhere.

It was amazing to see so many way too stylish people, and I’m talking flower crowns and body glitter, taking photos everywhere. On the other hand, as everyone was doing it, everyone was so ok with it. No weirdness at all. It was so cute how everyone in the crowd would stop cuz someone somewhere was taking a photo.

There would be a line of people waiting their turn to take pictures in the most instagramable spots with the most chilled vibe ever. No rush. Support. No weird stares when you’re posing or shoving off your good side only cuz we’ve all been there. Also plenty of inspiration.

Truly unbelievable experience.

Mykonos is a catwalk show.

Life starts around noon there and on the beach.

I have never seen so many hot people in one place. And it’s not only about the fit bodies. For most of us common people, a beach outfit is swimwear, flip flops, sunglasses, and something you arrived in. Those extra ones would also wear a hat or some head coverage.

Here in Mykonos, it’s a full last Vogue trends display. From swimsuits to all of the body jewelry, the fanciest coverups in BoHo, hipster style, big hats with a quote on it like you saw on Instagram. And I swear like 80% of the people there had some tattoo. And body glitter.

Seriously there was a section of expensive-looking beach beds and the whole shore around it had so much gold glitter in it. Looked spectacular but at what cost…

Evenings were even better.

The effort everyone put into their outfit is incredible and admirable.

It’s quite hard to explain but it was epic. I didn’t know if I liked the adorable streets of Mykonos Fabrika or the outfits of tourists there.

And the shops’ guys! It was like all of your favorite influencers’ top outfits were at display and for grasp in a store. Honestly, I’ve seen all of those items on IG before but my excitement was just the same. But the prices were just what you would imagine.

The main focus in Mykonos is on nightlife.

The later it got the crowded the place become.

Me and my friends used to get our dinner around 8 in the evening, which is considered incredibly late back home, but quite soon in Mykonos. This way we were always able to get a table in mostly empty restaurants of our choosing, chill, get some drinks and hang out and see all of the other people struggle to get a table later on.

We’re not much into hard partying even though there were plenty of options for that in Mykonos and the island is famous for it. Therefore I can’t really comment on that. Me and my friends headed home around midnight to hang out with a glass of wine at our apartment with a beautiful view over Mykonos.

If you google top places to see in Mykonos they all contain the pretty much same things. Mykonos is really not that big even though it is beautiful. Me and my friends usually walked everywhere. More in Mykonos transportation.

What surprised me the most was the general closeness of the attractions. 

For example, the famous Mykonos Windmills are literally next to Little Venice. I did not expect that but I was pleasantly surprised because they look spectacular together.

I guess I just expected the windmills to be somewhere uphill with a several minutes walk there, but in reality, it was down the hill from the Fabrika bus stop. And the view was breathtaking.

All of the Pinterest photos of Mykonos I researched beforehand looked just the same in reality.

Thought, the photo does no justice to reality cuz it’s missing the incredibly chill vibe of the place. It really feels like you reached some personal goal just by getting there and you’re at peace cuz your dreams came true. Even though you never thought this was what you wanted.

Every single turn you took in a narrow city center would lead you to something beautiful and worth seeing. Wandering Mykonos streets is my top recommendation for when you’re around.

Mykonos met my expectations of being an island for influencers, celebrities, and young people to scratch off their to-do/to-see list. Our 4 days in there were enough, as we saw the top things the island has to offer- every one of which we saw before in some influencer Instagram. It felt like I already knew the place before even landing at the small greek airport.

I’d still recommend it, but only if you’re chill with the money and you’re there to enjoy and not think about the expenses that are higher than average on this island for celebs.

We did manage to do Mykonos on a budget but it’s mostly cuz we’re so easy to please.

More about what this vacation cost me soon.


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