Shein is dominant not only among fashion websites but on my blog as well. I’m writing about shein quite a lot and most of my online fashion orders are from shein and I keep forgetting about its little sibling that introduced me to the world of fashion bloggers and offered me a first collaboration like 5 years ago- ROMWE. More on that in HERE.

So what’s going on with Romwe in a shadow of a more popular Shein?

Romwe is like a little shein. Even though they started around the same time, shein excelled in advertising its brand, therefore become number one.

That’s the main difference between those two.

Shein is simply more, more, more.

It’s the overachieving sibling that in order to be the best, fucks up plenty of times. That’s what happens when you’re blindly following the goal without a second thought. Plus the bigger audience, the bigger responsibility. Shein had plenty of scandals, the most recent one described in my Shein’s big-time Fuck Up.

Romwe on the other hand is almost a saint in such matters, or at least to my knowledge. No scandals, no offensive merch, no need to make an apologetic statement.

And that’s the other difference between the two.

Romwe is the low-key sibling that’s doing the same thing as the other one but in a calm, non-conflicted way and we all appreciate them for that.

Both are fast-fashion sites and there is an undeniable issue in that.

But both are trying to do their part in a form of social responsibility and it all sounds so nice.

Both have published statements about forced labor, child labor, harassment or abuse, health and safety, wages and benefits, or vendor accountability.

Shein and Romwe implemented limited quantity production. It simply means that when they introduce a new product they only produce few pieces, reducing unnecessary waste, and only when the demand for the product increases do they implement large-scale production.

They even switched to digital print technology that creates much less water and air pollution in comparison to the old ways.

All of this is so nice to hear but if you really think about it, it’s supposed to be a standard these days.

What’s IN these days is socially and environmentally responsible brands I and I’m pretty positive a brand that’s not like that could not make it in today’s market. So good job at doing your job I guess.

Website design, ads pop-ups, prices, discounts, models, quality of clothes, and its variety is literally the same.

Romwe is a sheins little copy with much less hype about it.

Shein has better coverage of plus-size clothing than Romwe thought.

They both offer free shipping on orders over 20$ and 10% off your first order after registration.

You can find them both in individual shopping apps, which makes shopping easier and more accessible.

Romwe even offers 15% off (no minimum) on your first in-app order with code RAPP15 and a gift of your choosing on 49$+ orders.

So if you’re on a fence about which one to choose- Romwe or Shein for your next order- do both and use both of their first order discounts and make the most of it.

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