Things are finally starting to look better and I’m super suspicious. Sun is shining, vaccinated Americans don’t need to wear masks anymore, there’s a good chance we’ll get to travel without so many complications soon and plane tickets are cheap.

So what do I do now?

Well, probably nothing that much different than before. Here in Czechia, the vaccination is slow and steady.

As a healthcare worker, I’m supposed to be prioritized in a whole vaccination process, or at least I was back in January when the whole process started. Healthcare workers alongside the oldest population were the first ones to get the vaccine.

So I registered and waited. I had to wait a couple of days-weeks to get in line, probably because of my age but I was just about to get my vaccine among the first lucky ones.

But instead, I got the covid itself. Great irony.

As I was lying in bed with covid, more on that adventure in my 10 days with Covid, I kept getting messages from the ministry and vaccination center to remind me my vaccine is ready. But I was obviously not.

Covid was over for me but getting back to normal was far away. As you’re not supposed to get the covid vaccine so soon after overcoming covid I had to wait a while.

Meantime I watched my colleagues get their shots, missing mine.

After like 2 months I was done with waiting. Lots of countries started to open up their borders for vaccinated tourists and I so badly wanted to be one of them.

To speed up the process I went to get my covid antibodies tested. No point in rushing when I already have an immunity against the covid right? And I was curious as hell.

Turns out I got super-high levels of covid antibodies after overcoming it myself. To be fair I felt so relieved. I had a hope of being ok as my body is ready to fight the virus in the future for now. But holiday destinations don’t care about the covid immunity, just the covid vaccine so I registered again and hoped the process would be the same as the last time.

It’s not.

As more time went by, more people are eligible for the vaccine theretofore getting a 25-year-old pharmacist vaccinated is not that high priority anymore.

So this is what I do now. Chill at home. Earn money. Drink coffee and scroll through Skyscanner and Momondo, my two favorite travel trip apps, the whole day daydreaming about my next trip. I just love how the world map slowly changes its travel restrictions from scary red color to something more pleasant.

Last year around this time I published a piece titled Oh, the Places I Won’t go in 2020. This year it’s gonna be about all the places I plan to go whilst waiting for my covid shot. Hope it’s gonna be soon.

And that’s what I do now.


  1. May 20, 2021 / 10:57 pm

    Glad that you are recovered. Many people suffered very badly. Take more care on Post Covid diet and daily routine. The more sleeping hours can make you perfect sooner. Forget about your Vaccine for next 12 weeks. Stay safe and healthy. Once all is well certainly you can travel. World wide people get hit badly and less immuned people suffer the most. Make your self more strong with immunity and that will make you smile bigger. Have a wonderful days and stay safe also more immuned. Cheers.

  2. June 1, 2021 / 1:19 pm

    It’s great to hear that you overcame your fear of Covid and now have immunity. It must have been a difficult journey, but one well worth it in the end. I’m glad to see that you’re sharing this with others, so they know that there is hope for them too!

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