Once again I got myself cute new clothes from shein as many times before. Most recently a couple of months ago in my Shein Haul. This time around my shein order wasn’t as good. Still kinda ok but I guess my expectations were much different.

My body type would be “brave.”

You know the pretty average-looking body with a tummy, hip dips, love handles, big tights and bum, cellulite, stretch marks, or scars. So common yet so controversial.

Every time a chubby lady shares an unedited photo of herself she’s met with praise for her bravery. Just as any lady sharing a makeup-free photo of her face. That’s what’s considered bravery these days. Apparently being yourself is something admirable that requires so much courage instead of it being what it is- a normal thing. I know it’s meant well and I’m sure there are many girls who needs praise to gain self worth but the whole concept is just ridiculous. Needles to say, I’m sure if my body looked different these shein clothes would look much better.

Placing the order and receiving it was as usual without any complications. I got my order in like 2 weeks since ordering. Again each item came in a customized shein plastic bag.

Besides the clothes I’m gonna be talking about in this article, I also got some phone cases, ice mold, cups, and other stuff that were awesome but not really worth mentioning. I mean it’s a cup, there is nothing much to review there.

Let’s start with the wrap dress.

I don’t know about you but when I think of a “Wrap dress” I imagine a dress that you have to wrap around yourself. You know like a piece of clothing that you put on like a jacket, from left to right side through your arms and then there’s a fabric you wrap around your body, tie it up somehow to stay in place. Like a wrap.

This type of dress is perfect for ladies with unconventional sizes and the material is presumably gonna adjust to your body depending on how tightly or loosely you’re gonna wrap it around yourself.

So when I saw this cute green wrap dress I was in love. The price is considered one of the higher for sheins standard so I was expecting an exceptional quality. That was delivered but the overall design was much different.

I got a simple green dress that you put over your head like any other. It has a small zip on the side to help you put it on. The “wrap” thing is just a piece of fabric you put through the straps on the side and tie a bow in a front. Overlapping fabrics that are creating the wrap effect are sewed tightly together.

Creates nice cleavage thought but it’s super short. It’s impossible to bend over or even move without flashing everyone with my butt.

I’m wearing a size XL – the highest you can get and I’m sure they would not be as short if my butt wasn’t as big.

Another piece I got was an oversized T-shirt dress that wasn’t as oversized as I was expecting due to the measurements listed on the site.  I’m wearing a size L. Any rash movement and I’m flashing my butt once again.

This type of dress looks pretty boring on its own.

It’s all about the accessories making it as stylish as it could be. I mean it has a cool angel print on the front but without that bag, that I also got at shein, it’s nothing special.

Here I’m wearing all of the accessories I got from this shein order. 

Two sunglasses- black and brownish ones because I just couldn’t just pick one. I’m also wearing new nude sandals from shein. I went a size up from my regular shoe size and it was the right decision. It’s a pair of shoes for 15$ so the quality is adequate for its price.

Getting ready for summer I got these super cute but super cheap cherry pattern dresses.

Everything was supposed to look so sweet. I thought I was ordering a simple plain dress I could put on this summer on my way to a store or something.

This unsuccessful order was all my fault, to be honest. When I read it’s a slip dress I just thought it’s a slip-in as easy to wear and I didn’t translate it as a slippery material. And that’s what I got. It’s a slippery-like plastic material that looks good on thin ladies only. The design is not very flattery as it destroys my curves completely. The neckline is pretty badly cut and the underparts stick out and when you try to adjust it by pulling the straps higher you’re once again flashing your butt.

My whole shein order could be considered a butt flash collection.


Another not very lucky piece was this adorable red dot dress.

It looked so romantic in the official photo. What could possibly go wrong?

The cut was what went wrong.

There is a rubber band that stretches over your chest and shoulders. Right underneath the rubber part, the plain material starts but it falls into a weird A shape away from my body that makes me look super pregnant even though I’m not. Ideal pregnancy dresses thought. So much room for the baby belly. I appreciate that I’m unable to flash my butt in this one thought.

Even though this shein order was pretty crappy I’m still sure I’m gonna shop there in the future again. I’m probably gonna read the product descriptions more carefully and read the product reviews first.

Shein still offers 3$ off your first order, free shipping with orders over 46$, flash deals, and more.

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