In my recent Shein post, I talked about how Shein improved themselves from their previous scandals. So I wanted to check myself and have first-hand experience with their supposed improvement. Cuz you know, you can say whatever on the internet.  Also, it’s been like a year and a half since I last made an order from Shein thanks to covid. It’s not like I plan to wear all of those cute pieces I got now to some spectacular parties, but a girl can dream so here goes my first Shein haul of 2021.

Online shopping is the highlight of our days now. It’s as good as it gets.

So I went pretty wild with it this time and placed quite an order. From clothes, house decor, glasses to electronic equipment so bear with me if you’re interested in what I got.

Placing an order was self-explanatory as always and the same as with any other websites.

What surprised me was the delivery time. From my previous experiences with shein it took at least 3 weeks to one month for me to get my stuff to the middle of Europe.

I was expecting a certain delay due to covid but shein pleasantly surprised me.

I send my order on the last day of January and got it delivered to my work address on 15 February. Pretty good in my opinion. I couldn’t get to it right away as I was lying in bed with covid at that time thought.

What’s new from their previous packaging is new zip lock bags with shein logo on the side. Each item was packed in one, rather than the previous plain plastic bag.

All good so far.

Now let’s move on to the actual unboxing.

In these pictures, I’m wearing Plus Raw Hem Ripped Curvy Jeans and Button Front Sweetheart Ribbed Knit Tee. It’s always a big risk to order jeans online but I’m taking it anyway.

Shein offers an awesome feature called “check my size” where you put your measurements and preferences and they check the product’s measurements for you and pick your recommended size. I’m wearing 2XL size even though that’s not my usual size, but I went with the recommendation and I’m glad I did. Fit’s perfectly. Nice, soft, and comfy.

The top is size XL and it’s so pretty, but seethrough and not everyone is fond of that. I am and I’m wearing my new Floral Lace Solid Bra also from Shein underneath it. It’s super light and I can barely feel it on, whilst it still offers great support. This was the first time I ordered lingering from Shein and I got more than just this one.

Here I’m wearing another pair of jeans I got from shein- Plus High Waist Ripped Skinny Jeans. This pair is not as elastic as the previous one and I’m wearing size XL and to be completely honest I should have picked a one size up.

It’s still manageable but I’m not feeling as comfortable in them.

I got myself 2 tops for the springtime and summer. SHEIN Plus Asymmetrical Neck Solid Tee that’s just super cute with the shoulder off effect. It’s size XL.

The other one I’m wearing is Square Neck Ruched Bust Rib-knit Crop Tee size XL as well. Both tees look great with high-waisted jeans or skirts and that’s exactly how I’m gonna wear them once I can actually go outside.

Talking about high-waisted skirts, I got myself this BASICS Plus Solid High Waist Bodycon Skirt size XL. Love the natural color and material that’s super soft.

Underneath this skirt, I’m wearing a High Waist Panty that’s supposed to make my tummy look smaller. But I think I’ll be embracing my tummy as it is cuz I didn’t realize it’s a thong panties and I’m not a fan of those. It’s super stretchy and everything, just not my type.

My preferred types of panties are brazilians and I got cute lacy ones from shein. 4pack Plus Floral Lace Panty Set is amazing but I’m not gonna show you a body photo of them for obvious reasons. The same goes for this incredibly hot Floral Lace Underwire Lingerie Set. They have the type of thong I don’t mind at all cuz the material is just so nice you don’t even feel it on. It’s a see-through as it’s only a lace with pretty details.

The power of sexy lingerie is truly underrated.

The last piece of clothing I got was simple plain black leggings cuz I ripped the previous ones.

It’s not those famous tick-tok leggings that’s gonna make your butt look juicy, but I’ve been doing enough squats to be happy with my juicy butt without those leggings. But I’m 99% sure I’m gonna get those magical butt lifting leggings in my next order cuz shein sells them as well right HERE.

My squats game improved when I got this Marble Pattern Buttocks Workout Resistance Band. What’s so good about it is that it’s big enough to be comfortably wrapped around my thick tights cuz all of the previous ones were too tight and left cut marks on my tights. This one is just perfect and I’m a sucker for marble pattern.

I’ve got a bunch of small stuff that’s not really worth to show like Eyebrow Razor Set 3pcs, 1pc Solid Eye Cover, 3pcs Makeup Sponge, or 2 In 1 Charger Cable Adapter. It’s not that interesting and looks exactly like the product photo.

I also ordered a tripod and this was actually the second time I ordered a tripod. I never received the first one I ordered from some random website like 2 years ago. Waste of money.

Here I’m wearing Anti-blue Light Eyeglasses. As my day job consists of staring at a pc screen, my free time consists of staring at a laptop screen with my TV screen on in the back and a small phone screen in my hand I’m getting a regular 2021 blue light dosage.

The only light I’m getting these days is the light from the electronics and I want to block that with these glasses.

Supposedly it should ease your headache or back pain induced by long periods of time in front of the screen. We’ll see about that but for now, I can say they are super stylish and I love wearing them.
Don’t go well with the respirator thought as it keeps fogging but that’s not their fault.
I talked about my plants obsession before so naturally, I got more plants in this shein haul as well. Not real ones though but artificial ones that go nicely with my previous collection. I got Artificial Foliage, Artificial Hanging Foliage, and  Artificial Grass. You can even choose a shade of green you want.

My apartment is turning into a jungle and I’m loving every second of it.

The overall quality of the Shein products improved since my last order and it’s all the proof I need to really know shein is truly doing better.
This haul was something like a birthday gift with a “you had covid” gift from me to myself and I’m happy with my order. I’m definitely gonna do another one soon and show you more cute stuff I got from them.
Shein still offers free shipping with orders over 47$, 3$ off your first order, and many discounts and flash deals.

Happy shopping XO

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