Let me introduce you to my newest obsession: plants. Also, allow me to curse myself for ever making fun of my mum’s love for gardening.

It’s currently lockdown number whatever and I found joy in watching my little house plants grow a little day by day. Watching my plants’ friends grown in numbers as I keep getting more and more of them is starting to get out of hand. I mean I live in a small studio apartment on my own. I’m running out of surfaces to place them on.

It’s not like this obsession started just now. I’ve always been fond of the plans and the strange sense of responsibility that comes with it. It’s just that these days it’s as interesting as it can get.

I started out slowly with a cactus.

Easy peasy but even a plan that needs so little attention like cactus can die when you accidentally drop it while moving it. But in my defense, I was trying my best.

It happened during summer when I just wanted them to have direct sun and tried to move my plants to the balcony to have a good time out. It didn’t work out due to my clumsy fingers and I had to get a new one and learned how important it is to be extra careful with your plants’ babies.

Another of my first plants was aloe vera I got from my sister and replanted myself. Unbelievably aloe is still alive and well even after all those years and I’ve had plenty of use of it. Like for example in my DIY eyelash growth serum I made and love.

My plant collection continued with my mum gifting me 3 big ass pots of Dracaena trifasciat – also fairly easy to maintain as it requires very little water and attention. It’s been 3 years and it’s still going strong.

But then came a plot twist.

As the shops are closed or open or open for some or whatever, who keeps up with all of the rules and restrictions these days anyway, it became way harder to shop for anything in real life and way easier to do it online. And I gladly obliged.

My other favorite thing besides plants is shopping for groceries online or via an app.

You skip going to the overcrowded shops, it’s safer now, you have more time to read the labels on the groceries, or generally remember what you wanted to buy, the prices are the same, you choose when you want to get your groceries delivered and they bring all of the heavy bags directly to your home.

Besides groceries, they list different food recipes with everything you would need to prepare the dish with a link to each item you can add to your own shopping cart and that is honestly the best thing humans ever invented.

Besides all of that, it’s easy to filter if you’re looking for dairy, meat, vegetarian, vegan, sweet, salty foods, what kind of cuisine you want to shop in, discounted food, or even a category called “save the food” where they sell groceries with short expiration date for discounted price you can get and save it from pointless throwing out.

Everything is packed in paper bags, not plastic.

They even offer a little bit of an eco option of delivery when they let you know when they’re delivering the groceries to someone in your neighborhood and they could deliver to you on the same drive.

The bags the groceries come in could be returned upon your next delivery so not even the paper gets wasted. Although it got a bit more complicated due to the covid.

Incredible service and there are several of them in Prague.

You can imagine the pure joy I felt when I found out they also sell plants in pots.

To this day I bought over half of the plants they sell.

I got myself another Dracaena, Zamioculcas, Coffee tree, Cyperus alternifolius, Hypoestes, Coleus amboinicus, and Roses in a pot. All of them are happy and healthy and so am I.

I got some herbs in a pot as well- mint, basil, and chive but they were not met with such a happy ending and they died after a few weeks. Herbs are not my thing I guess.

Besides actual plants, I got myself some flower pots and a bag of dirt.

The joy this brought me is ridiculous. To get something like a bag of dirt for your plants in a pandemic when you’re allowed to buy only necessities and this is definitely not one, is a privilege. And the fact I bought a bag of dirt on the internet is just unbelievable.

I actually had the delivery guy bring me like 7 bags of groceries, a family pack of toilet paper, and a 20l of dirt, and that champ took it all at one take! He earned himself a big tip trust me but I did feel bad for the load he had to carry.

So few days ago I sat down with my plants and replant them to a bigger and prettier space.

It was messy and fun and I had no idea what I was doing most of the time just like with any other thing I ever did.


Last week for my birthday my friends and family got me a bunch of spectacular flowers and honestly, my place has never been so full of flowers as it is right now and I’m loving it.

And I’m not even done with the growth of my plants as now I’m awaiting a big ass order from SHEIN, mostly clothes, accessories, lingering but I did order few artificial flowers to make my apartment even greener.

So that’s my latest obsession.

Gotta love that plant life and do anything and everything to keep you sane and happy these days.

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  1. February 14, 2021 / 3:20 am

    Plants are a nice form of therapy amid this pandemic for sure.

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