Today marks 3 years since I published my all-time most visited article titled SHEIN. Shein was one of the first brands I ever collaborated with and they put the bar pretty high for all of my further collaborations. Most of my wardrobe consist of shein sponsored clothes and that particular article about shein brought several thousands of readers to my blog.

But our relationship wasn’t perfect. A couple of months ago we had a falling apart as shein did a highly unethical thing, detail described in my other piece Shein’s big-time Fuck Up. Our collaboration was postponed.

Eco mantra says “Refuse, reuse and recycle” so just like with everything else, I looked back at shein to see if they did the changes they promised and learned from their mistake, and here is what I found.

There hasn’t been a new scandal since the big fuck up, or at least not that I’m aware of. But that’s not something to praise them over, that should be a standard.

But they did make some changes and additions to improve their name and I’m all for it.

Their page has always been one of the best, but these days you can find even more categories, projects, and customer interactions than before.

Project Shein X

Shein offers a chance to the unknowing fresh starting designers to get their work to the public. Designers create their vision and shein handles everything else from manufacturing, marketing, and selling. The most important part is that the designer gets to keep the ownership of the design and shares the profit with shein.

In my opinion, it’s awesome and I’m so excited to see how this project goes. Just to imagine that a worldwide company is willing to make and sell your designs is a dream come true for many creators.

The first new designers gonna be introduced in a couple of days and I’m so looking forward to it.


This project promises to deliver higher quality materials to the products.

Obviously, this raises the question of what was wrong with the previous quality? In my experience, nothing much but you know there has to be a difference between a 10$ fast-fashion sweater and a 40$ one.

MOTF means high quality for a reasonable price, even though it’s slightly higher than their regular prices but nothing astronomical.

What I enjoy at MOTF is the option to shop by materials.

If you’re looking for a high quality handmade woolen clothes with a MOTF filter it’s more accessible. Plus whilst shopping for the material of your choice you’ll also learn how to wash and care for said material which is not common knowledge for all.


Explore section has always been my favorite sheins feature and they even managed to top that. It’s basically a pre-assembled outfits page with appropriate styling. Whatever occasion outfit you’re searching for you’ll definitely find it there. Direct links to the products displayed on a model is a giant plus if you want the exact look you’re seeing on the model. If you want something different but with the same vibe, they even offer similar pieces to the ones on the photos so you have more options.

I also appreciate the trendy names to each collection such as: CITY VIBRATION, PARTY WITH SWEETHEART AT HOME, or my favorite POST QUARANTINE STYLE LIST. 

Another improvement is a better representation of POC.

Again this should be a standard and we shouldn’t be praising brands for portraying all skin colors or body types but it’s nice to see it.

Shein has always been quite forward with plus size clothes. Great variety of plus size clothes was always part of their brand but they stepped up even in this.

Shein introduced their new muse- plus-size model Iskra on plenty of new plus-size pieces in many different categories. Nothing that revolutionary but what really impressed me was the fact that they no longer retouch or edit the photographs. All you see is a real raw authenticity and that’s so freaking awesome and an incredible confidence boost for many.

Another news of shein 2021 is plenty of new categories.

They mainly expanded the home section for obvious reasons.

The work from home category offers plenty of opportunities to be as productive from home as possible. All of those cute stuff makes me reminiscence of my school years when I would spend hours decorating my desk. It actually makes me kind of disappointed that I don’t have an option to work from home. I’ll go nuts with those things.

New categories also include topic as health care, wigs, DIY stuff, party supplies, and my all-time favorite: PETS.

Pets are having a time of their life with all of their masters staying at home or spending more time at home in general. Hats off to shein for covering even this topic.

In their new category, you can find anything your pet could possibly need to make their life even better. From the cutest clothes, accessories, toys, beds, feeding, or hygiene. The amount of time I spent there is ridiculous.

Good job on this one Shein. 

For all it’s worth Shein did make changes for the better and hopefully, they won’t repeat the same mistakes ever again. It’s still a fast-fashion brand appealing mostly by its low prices for trendy pieces.

Shein still offers 3$ off your first order, free gift on orders over 99$, free shipping on orders over 47$, and even buy one get one 99% off discount and plenty of time-limited flash deals.

They also published a statement regardless of their package safety due to covid you can check HERE. 

Here’s to the second change.

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