The end is near, and this year took it quite literally. I think that with 2021 quickly approaching, we should all end the current hellish year with a recap in a form of new 2020 movie titled perfectly: Death to 2020. 

This movie was released shortly after Christmas on Netflix and if you didn’t get Netflix or any other streaming platform this year let me know in the comments how did you manage that?

This movie is created by the same dudes that did Black mirror, you know, the show we all live in now.

The humor in this show is so spectacular I was laughing so freaking hard with every other sentence.

It’s that type of sadistic, sarcastic humor that’s funny only if you lived through the joke and joke being the year 2020.

Just imagine, that a recap of this year is so memorable that it’s captured in an over hour-long movie with an incredible cast. Samuel L. Jackson, Hugh Grant, Lisa Kudrow, or Leslie Jones are just a few stars names that appeared in a movie shot in lockdowns and quarantines and with the plot still happening. Amazing.

Death To 2020' Netflix Review: Stream It Or Skip It?

Last year we all did a recap of every month of the year. I did too and it’s all in my Dissecting 2019- month by month.

Something like that can’t happen in 2020 because reliving it is not such a good idea unless you do it in a such ridiculous way as Death to 2020 did in its mockumentary.

It was just too much and most of us are still processing last March.

But even though this year was so messy and hard and the world uncertain obtained a whole new level of understanding, isn’t it also so rewarding that we made it to the end?

This was the longest and quickest year and I’m so grateful I got to see the death of it.

It’s so ridiculous how we all collectively agreed that starting January 1st,2021 everything will be back to normal.

2020 will be over. Everything will be ok.

So here are my humble goals for 2021.

  • Not talking about 2020.
  • Getting vaccinated as soon as it’s my turn.
  • Going on a trip that didn’t get canceled like my Travel Cancellation after Cancellation.
  • Fulfill my 2020 travel goals.
  • Using my vacation days on something other than chilling at home in bed watching Netflix.
  • Having subscription to just one streaming platform in 2021.
  • Meet my friends.
  • Seeing my family more often than 2 times per year with 2 test requirements.
  • Having a chance to wear some of the cute shit I ordered online in 2020.
  • Write about something else than my many covid tests.
  • Cut screen time from 11 hours a day.
  • Reply to my tinder matches.
  • Lower my expectations.

I wish 2021 holds fewer surprises and better management of such surprises.

Thank you for your support this year. It means so much to me.

Ranting out on my blog helped me to ease the pressure of this year and without you on the receiving end, 2020 would take on a new pathetic dimension for me.

We made it through 2020. Let’s do this in 2021.

Love you. xo



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  1. January 20, 2021 / 5:29 pm

    death to 2020 was so funny… I mean it was the stupidity of it all in a bitter tasting glass.

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