Here we go again. As promised, I plan to tell you about each and every covid test of mine. Continuing with my ridiculous tradition of getting tested for covid every month, November was no different. I sincerely wish getting tested would become an uneventful routine for me, but no, there is always a story to tell.

Covid test number 4 was the worst of them all so far.

Working in healthcare means I have to get tested every time I get in contact with a covid positive person, and all of my colleagues as well, to ensure essential workers remind working.

I would give anything to have a proper quarantine, instead of 24-48 hours long quarantine while I’m waiting for my test results.

Covid has been here with us for almost a year, I met plenty of infected people, got tested 4 times, and caught corona exactly zero times.

This time I got tested once again because I had a positive colleague so we all got to wipe our noses. This time I choose a different clinic to do my tests, the one in the hospital instead of a private lab clinic, and this time I actually made a reservation for my test at a time of my choosing instead of waiting my turn.

8 am Friday morning was my go time.

As it was a place I never been to before and I was tied to a time schedule, I gave myself plenty of extra time to arrive on time and at the right place.

I have a terrible habit of underestimating myself so I find myself in front of the covid testing tent 30 minutes early with nothing to do but wait there on a cold Friday morning. So I did some laps around the hospital, which is not the prettiest place to take a walk.

I returned to the testing point like 10 minutes to 8 with 2 men already standing in the line and I joined in. I was actually so relieved I wasn’t the first in line cuz this way I got to see what, where and how it’s going on first.

At 8 we were called in, one by one with sufficient distance between us. I had to disinfect my hands with the smelliest disinfection spray ever, pick up a number and wait for my number to light upon a screen. Standard procedure.

What surprised me was what happened next.

I was called up to a room that looked like a small classroom, with old school chairs and desks. There were 4 young girls, the hospital workers wearing face masks only, which was super odd cuz even I was wearing a respirator. I mean it was only a registration of my personal info but I was still expecting better protection of the staff there, at least a face mask + face shield or gloves for that case. Sure they all might have already overcome covid and had an immunity but still, it felt highly irresponsible. They all had this small protective glass in front of their computers but it came up to my shoulders only when I stood up.

After overcoming the initial surprise I stepped to the lady behind a computer on the furthest side of the room. Right next to me stood a guy who was called in before me and in a couple of minutes, another guy stepped in and let me tell you there was no 2m distance between us for sure.

We all stood in the line 2m apart only to be called in a small room with 7 people in.

The lady took my ID and insurance card and start filling in my info. Till this moment no one asked me if I had a reservation, so I just didn’t mention it on my own as I was already in.

I guess my lady was new in the job, cuz she was really struggling with something and had to call her boss to help out like 2 times. If that was not enough their printer was not working so they had to call the technic to take a look. Meanwhile, we were all standing in this small room simply waiting to be tested cuz we all either had contact with a covid positive person or had a suspicion for covid ourselves.

The technic came in, took a quick look at a printer, and literally told them to turn it off and on again.

Surprise, surprise it worked.

Papers were printed, money was paid and I was told to walk to the end of the hall for the test.

There, in an even smaller room was sitting a bored-looking guy who jumped up at the sight of me.

He took my papers, asked me if this was my first time, and chuckled when I told him it was my fourth.

Then the testing happened.

I never realized how gently I’ve been tested before. Sure it was weird and unpleasant but it never actually hurt. It was more like an odd shimmer and a need to sneeze.

More on my previous test in here:

This test was brutal. I felt it in my throat through my nose and I was trying so hard not to jerk away from the guy. For the first time my eyes didn’t water, I guess from the pure shock and pain I felt. I was even scared to breathe. I know it was just my mind doing dirty tricks on me, but I felt like I could taste blood. For real I had a runny nose for 5 minutes after he pulled out a stick out of my nose and I kept checking my respirator for the signs of blood.

The only positive thing from this whole experience was the fact that the guy took the sample from only one nose hole.

7 hours later I got my favorite text message of 2020- “Your test results are negative.”

If I had to rate this testing of mine I would give it 2/10.

I already know I’ll be tested in December and in January as well so let’s hope for a gentler swab.

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