Let me tell you one of my older stories, one pretty traumatic story. It happened in the times long before corona. In times when you could travel freely and when someone said “face mask” everyone imagined a beauty procedure. It’s a story about how my New Years Eve trip to Paris didn’t start very well.

My train trip started on December 29 and my journey began from Snina to Humenne, from Humenne to Kosice, and from Kosice to Bratislava. The next day the journey continued from Bratislava to Prague and from Prague to Paris. What a journey.

I left my home at lunch and visited my friend and travel buddy for the trip in Bratislava, where we spend the night before our trip.

Everything was ok until the train to Bratislava. For those of you who don’t know, in Slovakia students travel for free, so for 10 hours long trip, I paid absolutely nothing. Ironically the service was just what you would expect for the price of zero.

Trigger warning: sensitive subject.

Our train cabin was for 6 people. Until like 3 hours till Bratislava, I was sitting on my own.

Suddenly one man came in. Tall, nothing special, and around 30-40 years old. He was polite and asked me if the space opposite me and next to the door was empty. I said yes.

As it was like 8 pm and wintertime, it was already dark outside so the lights were on in our train cabin. He then asked if he could turn off the lights cuz his head hurts. I said ok. It wasn’t strange at first I just thought he is light-sensitive or got too drunk last night and I didn’t pay him any more attention.

With my headphones in I kept listening to music and staring out of the window. I kept catching this stranger staring at me through window reflection. Nothing strange yet. Guys stare. You learn to ignore it. What I couldn’t ignore was what happened next.

I noticed the guy had his jacket over his crotch and kept doing some regular movements.

First thought: He’s wanking.

Second: Don’t be ridiculous, you can’t be sure and you can’t assume the worst about people.

So I didn’t react but my panic attack started to build up. I was hoping it was just some misunderstanding until he moved his jacked away and now I was 100% sure he was wanking.

He was old, smelled bad, he was wanking and staring at me and I was stuck with him in a dark and empty train.

I was terrified. I was panicking and I knew there were not many people on such a late train and in between the holidays and the train inspector was nowhere to be seen so I was helpless.

Honestly, I didn’t know what to do. I was so scared that if I would scream no one would hear me and it would only trigger the creep to do something worse.

I don’t know if the man was aware I knew what he was doing but he wasn’t stopping and I can only assume my distress was only encouraging him.

Suddenly he patted the seat in front of me and said something so I pulled my earphone off. He asked if he could take that seat. He was now covered again. I asked why he wanted that seat in the rudest tone I could manage at that moment, but he just laughed and sat there anyway. He continued with his handjob now with a better position to stare at me.

I was petrified and I had enough.

I knew I had to get out of there.

Thankfully next stop was near even though it wasn’t my stop.

When the train stopped I quickly stood up grabbed all my things and went out of our cabin, steamrolling through the wankers legs blocking the way. But I haven’t left the train, I simply slide to the next cabin with a woman already in it and sat there.

The creepy man wasn’t showing any interest in getting off on that station just kept wanking now without a jacket to cover him up.

When I was sitting safely in the next booth I saw that man run out of the cabin and out of the train. I can’t say for sure that the man ran out after me into the town we were just standing in, thinking I was getting off the train but I would not be surprised if that was true.

The train left without the wanker and my nightmare ended.

I was hyperventilating and panicking long after that and since that day I prefer open train wagons instead of cabin ones.

It’s safer in the crowd than in a private cabin with a lunatic.


  1. November 18, 2020 / 4:13 pm

    There should be a wankers’ carriage like there used to be a smokers’ carriage.

  2. jexxiej
    November 18, 2020 / 4:55 pm

    My god, horrible!!! As I read, my own panic built for you!! Thank you for sharing! We’ve all had these nasty experiences, they need to be told!!

  3. shakespearespectre
    November 19, 2020 / 10:04 am

    Horrifying! So sorry you had such an experience!

  4. November 19, 2020 / 1:26 pm

    Oh Lordt! That’s terrible! I feel like recently I have been watching so many shows, from Outlander, to the White Princess and plain old crime/investigation shows, where man feel like women are their playthings. We women are nothing but a entertainment, something to use to their will. I’m sick this! I’m so sorry this happen to you and so glad you’re safe. You survived! What a sick POS! I know not all men look at women this way but many do. It’s sad and so scary. Thank God your safe!

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