Is Emily in Paris: Season 1 (2020) on Netflix Israel?

Emily in Paris- Netflix’s new show that took the platform and the world by the storm.

We got to be honest with each other. The show was nothing extra.

No original plot, plot twists, deeper message, or anything major that would justify the hype around the Emily in Paris.

It was a thorough combination of little things that made the show so popular.

Most importantly Emily in Paris is not supposed to be good, it’s supposed to make you feel good.

Here are all the little things that made Emily in Paris so worth it.

20 minutes long episodes

We as a society in 2020 have a terribly short attention span. We need as much distraction as possible, therefore a 20 minutes long episodes are ideal.

Easy to follow

Hand in hand with my first point goes my second point.

The plot is easy to follow. There are no grand revelations or major plot twists. You’re free to scroll Instagram while watching Emily in Paris without a fear of missing something important happening.

Lilly Collins

The role of Emily goes to one and only Lilly Collins.

I personally have Lilly Collins associated with happy endings. I’ve seen her in so many rom-coms it’s hard to picture her as anything else than a young woman chasing her dream and her man.

When I see her in any movie or a tv show I know everything’s gonna turn out just fine.


Emily in Paris is very often compared to Sex in the City or Devil wears Prada and what they all have in common is spectacular fashion sense.

Emily and her pals are seen wearing an unbelievable amount of different cute outfits. It was hard to keep track of all of them, but the fact remains that fashion in Emily in Paris is incredible.

Cultural stereotypes

We are all aware of different cultural stereotypes and we all take a good laugh at them.

You might think this show shows only french stereotypes, such as french people being super lazy and horny most of the time, you might be mistaken. Surely for Americans, it’s the french stereotypes that dominate the show but for the rest of the world there is one major American stereotype through all of this show: Americans thinking they are better than the rest of the world.

As someone who’s been to both France and America several times, I can confirm both of the stereotypes.

The concept of Europe

Even though Emily in Paris is based in Pairs it’s pretty much America centered. I can’t even count how many movies I saw with Americans moving to Europe to find themselves and to start a new life. Europe is a place where Americans go to fall in love, realize how weird different cultures are, confirm their firm belief of how much better than the rest of the world they are, or occasionally blow shit up.

I would for once want to see a movie about a young Croatian woman moving to Chicago and trying to figure out how the health care works or why is there ice everywhere.

Covid bans

As the world is an unsafe mess right now and traveling is complicated, it’s nice to see someone living their dream and traveling where you always wanted to go. It’s also a great distraction from everyday mess.

Who cares that the world is collapsing when Lilly Collins is dressed nice, explores Paris, and snogs hot french guys.


Paris is magical. It’s something every girl dreams of and you might think its beauty lays just in the expectations. It’s the most romantic place in the world. Everyone loves Paris. The lights, the sights, the beauty, the vibe…

But then you visit Paris and you’re afraid all of those exaggerated expectations are not gonna be true, but they are again and again. And trust me I’m one of the many people that got captured by Paris spell a long time ago and I’ve been to pairs 4 times and I know I’ll be back. My love for Paris is summed up in my Paris is always a good idea. Again and Again.

Living the dream

Everyone fantasies from time to time about leaving everything behind and starting a new life somewhere far far away. Some of us get to do that and some of us get’s to watch it on Netflix and wonder what if that was me living the dream.

Wanna be influencer

Influencer is a new dream job of so many. Watching Emily moving to Paris and posting on Instagram for a living makes you wonder if you could do that too.

Being an influencer for so many means living your best life, documenting it, and getting money. It sounds so easy and so manageable.

Just to put things into a different perspective you should check out my humble experience with a social media job: The Unsatisfying Social Media Manager Journey.

French guys

One name: Gabriel.

So there’s this incredibly attractive neighbor chef played by Lucas Bravo, who’s super helpful, super hot, super funny and speaks french. If anyone tells you they liked Emily in Paris for the plot, they’re lying. They like Gabriel and I do too.

We all dream about accidentally knocking on the wrong door only to be met with someone like Gabriel and have an affair to remember with him. This show makes you believe it’s possible.


It makes life so simple and so optimistic. Let’s all watch this young rich American get away with everything in Paris while wearing cute outfits, living a glamorous lifestyle, and parade with so many hot french guys.

It’s so predictable and cheesy and in a strange way that’s what makes it so good to watch.

It’s highly optimistic if you think so many french people would be willing to talk English just like that or that a French person would simply correct your french grammar and not plainly bitch about it to your face.

Emily in Paris is an unrealistic escape fantasy we all want to live in.


  1. October 13, 2020 / 9:53 pm

    Well now you have me curious. I think I will check out an episode and see what I think. Plus I like the idea that it is twenty minutes. Thanks for the review. Hugs đŸ¤— Joni

  2. October 14, 2020 / 12:23 pm

    I’ve not heard of it, but you’re right the French don’t speak English unless they have to đŸ˜‰

  3. January 15, 2021 / 2:34 pm

    I really like your review! I honestly loved the series, and yes it can be incredibly cringey at times, but overall I laughed at Emily’s misadventures as well as marveled at the sights of Paris that she brought us. Although I felt that the character of Mindy Cheng was unnecessary towards the story, and I felt that her role as “Emily’s guide towards French culture” could’ve been filled by Camille, thus the season finally could’ve carried more emotional weight to it.

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