Not everything is about coronavirus so let’s focus on Netflix’s new release Retched. What the hell is Ratched?

Ratched is basically American horror story season 2: Asylum with a similar story and cast.

Sarah Paulson is a pathological liar who gets herself into the psychiatric hospital as a nurse to see a recently captured psychopathic killer. There are Christian symbols, suspense, side stories, torture, and disturbing murders. Just as AHS, Ratched is created by Ryan Murphy and it reflects a typical Murphys presentation- morbid with a hint of sophistication. Oh, and Sarah Paulson is gay.

Netflix Releases New Ratched Posters

Spoilers Alert!

Ratched is Ryan Murphy’s portrait of a One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest from 1962. Sarah Paulson plays the main role of Mildred Ratched, a head nurse at a psychiatric asylum, manipulating everyone and everything, sacrificing everything, and killing whoever in order to save her crazy brother.

Ratched is playing God. She believes she’s showing mercy to these poor troubled souls who are in so much pain and only she can relieve them from it. Angel of death, simply justifying a murder when it fits her.

This show has been on my top 2020 releases list, the list that has been a huge disappointment so far.

Thank god Ratched is an exception.

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It had a mind-blowing potential.

It’s supposed to shock you with every other revelation of the show and it would have been much more successful if 2020 didn’t do us dirty. Every other news story this year is so absurd that even the horror story doesn’t seem that bad.

The first episode starts off with a graphic murder of 4 priests by Finn Wittrock, another one of AHS stars, portraying Edmund Tolleson. It was a sort of a cliche story, a boy kills a priest who raped a nun who turns out is boy’s mum. She dies because of drug abuse, leaving an orphan with severe psychological issues. I was sort of expecting priests to be the boys rapist or something, that’s how twisted and numb I became due to the real-life events.

We witness the “treatment” of homosexuality in an absurd inhuman way, such as boiling alive a lesbian. It would have shocked me to the core, but that’s the reality in many countries.

Maybe not in such drastic ways, but still considering homosexuality an illness that could be cured is just as twisted.

A shocking revelation comes in when we learn that Ratched’s long lost brother is Edmund the priest murderer. He gets involved with nymphomaniac nurse Dolly, kills a guard in order to run away with her. The whole operation run away goes to hell when Dolly turns out to be really fucked up and kills almost as many people as Edmund. That’s what gets her killed in the end too.

But everything seems to be forgotten when we learn about the sad and traumatic childhood of the crazy siblings.

Going from foster family to foster family, from one abuser to the other, only to end up in a family that forces you to fuck your sibling for a rich guys show clearly leaves its consequences.

The Many Meanings Behind the Costumes in Ryan Murphy's 'Ratched' - Fashionista

We see a doctor high on LSD try and sew an amputated limbs of a gardener to his crazy patient who just cuz everyone’s arms off. Naturally, the operation was unsuccessful and the patient lost not only his arms but legs due to infection. It was a snobby rich boy who’s mother wants revenge on the doctor and loves her pet monkey more than anything in the world.

Another scene that’s ought to shock you is when a bunch of white dudes torture a black woman for 9 days, kept her in a closet, feed her dog food, and repeatedly beat her without any consequences for the abusers whatsoever. The woman, Charlotte Wells develops a multiple personality disorder in order to protect her mind. The truly stunning performance of Sophie Okonedo, who plays all of Charlotte’s personalities was the highlight of the show.

The injustice towards black people is mentioned, but it’s not the main theme of the show.

The main theme of Ratched has to be “Powerful women.”

If that’s not enough to lure you into watching Retched, then do it for the perfect production.

Nurse Ratched: What to Know Before Watching the Netflix Show | Time

The first thing that captured me and lured me into watching more of Ratched in the pilot episode was the color scheme.

It was so beautiful.

Bright vivid colors and distinct contrasts, luxurious 50’s fashion, subtle soft details with clean, strict resolution that were so odd considering I just turned on a show about a murderous nurse.

As the story got darker, the colors got darker too, sympathizing with the whole vibe of the Ratched.

The absurdity of the bright, almost psychotic colors returned upon the last episode and the end’s cliffhanger, making a show into one whole piece.

I find it so hard to start a new show this year.

I tend to cling to the familiar among all of this uncertainty but I’m glad I made myself watch Ratched.

There were several scenes I had no stomach to watch and I literally watched it through my fingers but it was still 8/10.


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    Glad you did this, it’s just come up on my Netflix and I was tantalised lol 8/10 will do for me 👍😉

  2. September 20, 2020 / 7:14 pm

    Thank you for this! I’ve been eyeballing this show, wondering if it was going to say anything new.

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