I’m sure Hamilton does not need an introduction. An epic musical that took over the world and took from Broadway to a streaming platform in 2020. Hamilton, the story about America then told by America now is upon Disney plus.

I spend an unbelievable summer of 2016 in America and I told you all about it in my travels section. One day out dear hosts came to me and my cousins and informed us we’ll be leaving their spectacular beach house and visiting New York in a few days. The lady of the house then slid her laptop to me and asked me to pick a Broadway show to see. You know, the normal thing to do. I mean that’s the goal, isn’t it? Being so secure and wealthy to be able to plan awesome trips with like one day’s notice.

There was something in the air in 2016.

Everyone was out catching pokemon and Hamilton was getting the recognition and hype it rightfully deserved.

When the opportunity preserved itself I was so ready to take it and see Hamilton myself. It’s no brainer to realize getting Hamilton tickets comes with a long waiting period but we still tired. We wanted to see Hamilton so badly.

If you think this story ends with a hopeful message of “when you want something really badly universe will give it to you” you are mistaken. There was like a 6 months waiting period. You can’t get Hamilton tickets a day before a show no matter how wealthy you are. So no we did not see Hamilton live. Sorry for misleading you.

We ended up seeing On Your Feet! – a show about Gloria Estefan’s life and it was surreal.

Not in my wildest dreams, I would guess I would ever see a Broadway show. Hell, we didn’t have and appropriate clothes with us. We legitimately thought we would spend summer working some part-time job and not partying with rich folks.

So when the day came we put on our host’s fancy dresses and headed to the city for shopping, show, and dinner. I still can’t believe that happened for real.

The fact I was so close to the place where Hamilton happens only encouraged my obsession. It was the time I got myself Hamilton: American Musical album on iTunes.

Since I was a little kid my imagination was running wild.

From imaginary friends, to drawing on every single thing I could put my pencils on, to art school, to essays till writing this blog. I have multiple stories playing out at the back of my mind constantly. My mind is always imagining things.

It was not that hard to just imagine what would Hamilton be like merely by listening to the soundtrack of the musical. The songs are so well told it’s almost impossible not to guess the facial expressions or emotions of the singers. All of the cast of Hamilton is just one google search away just as well as the costumes. All is left is just sit back and let the song take shape.

Hamilton in my head was awesome. I was so obsessed.

You can imagine my excitement when Disney plus bought Hamilton and planned on streaming the live recording of the theatre version in 2021. Long way to go but COVID speeded up this one and we were able to witness the Hamilton glory on July 3, 2020.

The only good thing in 2020.

Disney plus tries really hard to make it among streaming platforms.

Remember baby Yoda?

That was them and it was just 8 months ago, even though it feels like at least 5 years ago.

To remember the simpler times here is my The Mandalorian aka The Baby Yoda Tv Show article.

It’s important to keep in mind that Hamilton is neither a TV show or a movie even if you’re watching it online. It’s 2 hours and 40 minutes full of catchy tunes and captivating story and outstanding performance by a cast to die for and you can’t get that from any movie.

Even though my own imaginary performance was great, it was much better actually seeing the real version and enjoying every single minute of it. I must admit my version was not as funny as the real one. Lin-Manuel Mirandas’ moves were not something I could have imagined. The talent this man possesses baffles me to this day and I’m so glad it’s captured not only in the songs he wrote but now on our screens as well.

It’s so hard to describe Hamilton properly.

I could use every superlative I know to describe my love for Hamilton but no one is interested in that. So I’m gonna say it’s beyond my high expectations and you’re not gonna regret watching it.

Sadly Disney plus canceled their free trial period, so you’ll have to get at least a one-month subscription for around 7$, but I’m sure you’ll have a good use of one month of new shows and movies to watch in these weird times.

2020 man.

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  1. July 15, 2020 / 10:10 pm

    My 15 year old daughter loves Hamilton as well. She has ben following them for years.

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