I believe that we can all agree that 2020 is something else. Besides all of the crazy shit that went down so far, it’s a year of calling people out on their shitty behavior. You can’t be a bad person without everyone knowing you’re a bad person. Sure, you have all the rights to be a terrible human being as you wish to be, but keep in mind, your freedom goes hand in hand with the consequences.

Thanks to the beauty of the internet everything goes down so quickly and Shein knows this very well.

Shein is a global fashion brand. I myself have been collaborating with them for several years now on different blogger programs. Since my most popular piece is about them- SHEIN – I feel obligated to comment on the sheins epic fuck up of recent days and God I wish it was just one mistake.

So here’s what happened.

Around 6 days ago shein uploaded a new item for sale on their website. What caught everyone’s attention and caused immediate outrage is the fact shein decided it would be a good idea to sell Muslim prayer mats as a home decoration.

Obviously, that’s very offensive. An important part of someone’s religion is not a decorative rug for you.

Shein responded to a massive shitstorm pretty quickly. They removed the prayer mats and formally apologized.

You would say they would learn from their big mistake but that’s not what happened.

4 days after their apology to the world for selling Muslim praying mats as a carpet, shein started selling golden swastikas as a necklace. I wish I was kidding.

They meant well and tried to sell it as a Buddhist swastika symbol, but you know no one thinks about divinity and spirituality when they see a swastika. They even tried to justify it cuz a Buddhist swastika has slightly different designs than a nazi swastika, but that was just a poor attempt to save their asses. If they wanted to sell it as a Buddhist symbol they should have put the word Buddhists in the name or call it a Manji as an actual Buddhist do.

Selling a nazi symbol as jewelry is horrible and I can’t believe not one person from the whole sheins team didn’t realize what they’re doing.

This time it took shein much longer to respond and apologized again, this time quite poorly and taking zero accountability.

In a sincere apology, you should not try to justify your action and you should not apologize just to those you offended. Good apology doesn’t contain excuses.

We got to keep in mind shein apologized only because people started to call them out on their cultural appropriation, otherwise, they would not see the wrong in their doing.

Another terrible fact is that after shein realized their fuck up, they did not remove the necklace, only renamed it from swastika to “metal pendant”.

Here is the link to the apology. (number two)

It seems like all shein does in recent days is apologize.

There is nothing wrong with admitting you were wrong. What matters is trying to be better than you were before, learning from your mistakes, and making amends.  You can’t keep making the same mistake and expect people to just forgive and forget. That’s not enough and a big brand like a shein should know that.

It’s nice they apologized but they still made a profit out of their insensitive behavior.

In a perfect world, shein would donate the money to the organization fighting against hate, antisemitism, or islamophobia.

But we don’t live in a perfect world but in a world where you can wear a swastika with your cute dress while you chill out on your Muslim prayer mat you ordered online.

Shein promises to do better.

They claim to establish a committee to review the products they’re selling and even though that sounds great I won’t believe it till I see an actual change.

Their first apology promised a responsible future as well and yet they needed to do another one in the very recent future. Again it’s hard to believe there was not one person who would say “hey guys I don’t think we should sell swastikas as jewelry” or “prayer mat should not be sold as a decoration”

Till the day I see an actual change from the brand’s side, I’m terminating my collaboration with Shein.

I’m not gonna delete my previous shein posts as it was all good and true back then. It’s part of who shein was as a brand in my eyes and in all of the years of our collaboration. But from now on I want to work with brands that think twice about the product they’re selling, are aware of different cultures, religions, and races.

Contrary to a popular belief, it’s not that hard being a good person.

Be good or you’re out. No one needs any more crap in 2020.


  1. July 11, 2020 / 2:51 am

    The swastika necklace is so incredibly stupid you have to wonder what the hell is going on there.

  2. July 11, 2020 / 6:39 am

    Though your article is written in quite a different context, I wish to point out that Swastika is NOT a BUddhist symbol. It is ARYAN. For us Hindus it bears a deep religious significance, you will find millions of Hindu women wearing them round their necks. Most Hindu households display them at the entrance to their houses or flats. You will find it everywhere. What the Nazis did is quite another matter. For us Hindus it is our proud religious heritage and will always remain so. No hard feelings…PLEASE.

  3. July 11, 2020 / 5:58 pm

    Well done to you. Super proud. Sending loads of ♥️ your way x

  4. July 13, 2020 / 2:11 am

    I’m so baffled at how not one person on their entire team didn’t see an issue with either of those items until they faced the backlash they did?? I’m happy it got as much attention as it did, I hope other content creators follow your lead and end their collaborations with the brand until they make better changes x

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