These are the terrible times we live in. Each morning I’m bracing myself for the news I’m about to read. Each morning I’m expecting another crazy shit to pile up on the top of all of the crazy shits that have been going on this hell of a year.

Ending racism is a debate. Protests against police brutality are met with even more police brutality. Coronavirus is thriving whilst people pretend it’s no longer a thing. America is on fire because police murdered black people yet the killing of black people continues. People are being stripped of their human rights. Yemen is facing a humanitarian crisis out of proportion. People in Yemen are fighting the epidemic, pandemic, famine, and war and it barely makes news. The economy is collapsing. The climate is collapsing.

How does one stay sane and hopeful in times like this?

One would say: Turn off the news.

Sure, ignorance is bliss, but closing your eyes doesn’t make the problem disappear. With each day and each horrible news, I’m becoming more and more numb but I’ll be damned if I’ll ever stop caring or lost my compassion.

My way of managing the negativity sounds very simple and very silly.

Walking it off. Literally.

I exchanged my daily commune for walking as much as possible. There’s something hypnotic about just moving at a steady pace with your AirPods in.

Even better with a scenery worth getting lost in.

I’ve been living in my apartment for a year and a half now and I’ve noticed a lot of people walking by my neighborhood, but I never really looked where they are walking to.

One of these days I followed and I was led to a nearby forest, just a couple of minutes walk from my place.

Finding a quiet forest in the middle of a million people’s city was a life-changing discovery.

It’s a sort of commercial forest to be completely honest. With clearly marked paths, interactive games for children along the way, and a view to die for. The forest connects 3 suburban parts of Prague and after a couple of minutes’ walk among the trees, I find myself in a clearing in the middle of it all.

The absolute peace and quiet except for the crickets, occasional runner, or train is so refreshing.

I’ve been spending almost every day in my newly found happy place.

It’s not like life is not thought out there but the air tastes better and how can you not be hopeful when you’re watching two rabbits run around a field?

Every time I’m overwhelmed, overworked, or overthinking I’ll take off and walk around my forest for at least a half an hour.

Pressing a pause on the mess to regather my thoughts and gain some perspective. That’s how I stay sane in 2020.

How do you?


  1. June 30, 2020 / 5:36 am

    Weeding my garden. Lately, I have found peace and calmness while weeding in my garden. My back doesn’t like it – yet my soul is fed by it.

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