It’s been ages since I did my last Marilyn Monroe review so here we go again. This time I took a look at the 1953 movie Niagara starring Marilyn Monroe. I got to say it was much more than what I was expecting.

All of the previous Marilyn Monroe movies I saw like How to Marry a Millionaire with Marilyn MonroeSome Like it Hot, Some like Marilyn MonroeThe Seven Year Itch with Marilyn Monroe or Gentlemen prefer blondes or that Marilyn Monroe movie had one feature in common: Marilyn being a hot dumb blonde. Truth is she nailed those characters but I so longed for something different from her.

From the beginning of the Niagara, there is this obnoxious, creepy music playing that doesn’t really fit the beautiful scenery of Niagara Falls. I knew from the start that it’s either gonna be something different than what I was used to from Marilyn or it’s a really crapy choice of music.

Spoilers alert!

Niagara takes place at Niagara falls obviously and it tells a messy story of love and murder.

Marilyn is still a hot blondie but in this movie, she is a cunning, cheating, and manipulative bitch. She and her much older husband have really disruptive and toxic relationship that ends up pretty badly.

Marilyn as Rose is cheating on her husband, played by Joseph Cotten, named George with a lover Patric, played by Richard Allan. Complicated sentence but it’s a basic love triangle.

Story old as time.

Rose is attractive and she knows it and likes to show it whilst driving her husband mad.

She’s also extremely good at manipulating everyone into believing her husband is losing his mind, which he only kinda is from all of his justified jealousy.

The whole story is told by another couple: Ray and Polly Cutler’s point of view. They came to Niagaras to a late honeymoon and got a holiday they would never forget.

It was so ridiculous how easily they got involved in Roses and Georges mess. They literally just met and yet it seems like Ray and Polly are responsible for the crazy couple’s well-being.

I was super bored with them. They seem so normal in comparison to Rose and Goerge who are literally going to murder each other.

Rose and her lover are planning the murder of Rose’s husband, but that won’t go according to the plan. Instead, George ends up killing his cheating wife’s lover and he is pissed.

Goerge fakes his own death and it’s coming for his pretty wife.

Quite alright for 1953 right?

Goerge ends up strangling and killing his wife and eventually killing himself at the Niagara falls and almost taking Polly with him. That poor couple Polly and Ray should have stayed out of Roses and Georges’s business and they could have had a pretty good honeymoon.

It’s just an hour and a half long movie with 3 murders so everything is over very quickly.

The plot is ok I guess and I can imagine it being super fresh back then.

It just seems like the beautiful scenery of Niagaras got more screentime than the actors while simultaneously giving way too much focus on particular scenes that had nothing to do with either plot or characters.

It was super refreshing to see Marilyn not giggle uncontrollably and play a naive character for a change.

But at the same time, I strangely missed that.

Niagara is just OK.

I’m not gonna be recommending it or even thinking about it ever again.

I mean, considering all we have now is time you might give it a go. Marilyn looks good in it as always and that’s the only interesting thing about this movie.

The plot had potential but the delivery was, well I don’t want to say poor so let’s say adequate that time.

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