I hope you’re all well and safe at home. With all of what’s going on with the pandemic right now, I feel almost guilty talking about anything else. All of the topics seem meaningless compared to the big issue. So let’s stay on the topic without actually talking about the topic and making the best out of it.

Doing the responsible thing and staying at home brought up a lot of other issues.

What to do in quarantine and not go crazy?

I offered some inspirations in my 40 Things to do during the Quarantine article and one of the things to do in quarantine is shopping.

The quarantine has been going on for several weeks in my country now and the longer it goes the more I realize how much I miss the little things I never thought I would miss. I’m not very fond of real-life shopping but I miss the ability to touch random clothes you’re never gonna buy. I miss feeling the fabricks underneath my fingers. But what I miss the most is complaining about the crowds.

My beloved shein got you.

Focus on essential goods shifted and shein adapted as well.

The new #SHEINATHOME has everything you need to make the best out of this isolation, divided into useful categories.

Here are my top picks form #SHEINATHOME

Wash your hands. Keep your distance. Don’t touch your face.

We’ve all heard that before and in my desperate need to believe in humanity, I hope we are all living these precautious.

Shein offers super cool eye protection and you might not even realize how important eye protection is. It’s true that the virus spreads through eyes as well, but it’s not as ridiculous as you’re imagining it right now. No, it’s not eye to eye contact honey. It’s a simple touching your face, mouth, nose or rubbing your eyes that do the trick, as the virus spreads by droplets and your eye has plenty of those.

So we could say “don’t rub your eyes” but that’s way harder than it seams. Self-control is not our greatest virtue.

If you are wearing big ass glasses there is a less chance of your actually getting to your eyes. But hey I had a patient who pulled down his face mask to lick his fingers to open up a plastic bag more easily. No face mask is going to stop that guy from spreading his germs. Stories from the pharmacy are like that. 

Besides regular plain protection glasses like this one HERE, I’m actually digging the futuristic look of these black shield sunglasses. 

A full-face mask is another level and I’m strangely attracted to it. Not just for a pandemic. Just genuinely keeping people out of my face all of the time.


You know you’re old when this is the category that excites you the most. Clean it up. We finally have the time to do actual, thorough spring cleaning and sure, you can do it with a simple cloth and soap water, but this way it’s more fun. Imagine rocking your cleaning with this retractable duster or this window cleaner.

Get your shit together with storage boxes and organizers. 

Just hang in there with some cool new hooks.

Gyms are closed but sadly, that is no excuse to stop or not begin exercising at all. Staying active is super important for both your health and sanity during the quarantine. Whether it’s stretching, yoga, pilates, cardio, weight lifting or any form of workout you’re comfortable with, it’s always better with an appropriate outfit.

I’m loving this matching set of tank and leggings or this contrast sports leggings with pockets.

If you’re struggling with where to start, shein even offers sports equipment to help you out.

Time for yourself is so valuable. Treat yourself once in a while. Even though nail salons, hair salons, spas or beauty salons are closed that doesn’t mean you have to stop giving a damn.

I can vouch for this blackhead remover I got a while ago. I’m loving it and I’m sure you would too.

Netflix and scrolling the internet all day is doing no good for your posture. Correction belts could prevent you from coming out of the quarantine with a hunchback.

You have all of the free time to learn how to give yourself a manicure like from the Salone with the appropriate tools sheins offers.

I’ve been doing my hair for years all from coloring to cutting. The thrill of it is addictive. There are never enough hair care supplies. 

The most forgotten piece of clothing this season got to be bras. The only way I’m willingly containing the girls is in super cute lace bralette to take risky photos and tease the boys when I’m bored. Evil. I know. What you gonna do about it? Come and see me? I don’t think so hon.

My tasty photos got me just 2 dick pics and 1 wank video the other day. I guess I’m losing my touch since my Please don’t send me your duck pics.

The most beautiful feature of this quarantine is the fact that the only guys that are getting laid right now are the ones who got the guts to commit before the lockdown.

For those lovely time passing moments, shein has an incredible collection of sexy lingerie. 

Spending so much time at home is a perfect time to redecorate. I did mine already but there is still much to improve. Sheins Home decor category is epic.

Night sky projectors are going viral with everyone staying home and doing tick tok videos and I’m loving it.

Who are we kidding? We spend most of our days in beds so I hope you’re at least changing your sheets regularly. Choose the right one at shein page. 

Besides sleeping and chilling, there is one other thing we’ve all been doing a lot these days. Eating. Supermarkets are going through a massive sale increase as people are stockpiling for the worst, making the whole situation worse themselves.

The positive outcome is that some of you are finally going to learn how to cook.

Hand in hand with baking and cooking comes buying kitchen tools and that’s a whole other excitement level. The power of potential these tools provide is amazing. You feel like you finally have your shit together once you hold a new silicon scraper. 

I must admit I, spend much more time scrolling through sheins home & living category than clothes or accessories combined. It’s so hard to pick just a few pieces as my favorite but let me try.

This mini fry basked or potato wave cutter would make you feel like you’re back at your favorite restaurant having a blast.

Macaron making mat or cake spatula would definitely make you feel like a professional baker by the time we’re done with the COVID-19.

Shein store works as usual despite the worldwide situation but they did take some important sanitary measurements to ensure the safety of our packages. Best described in this video shein shared on their Instagram.


Shein still offers free standard shipping on orders over 49$ and free express shipping on orders over 129$.

You can still get 3$ off your first order.

10% off coupon for next purchase with orders over 59$.

Buy one get one 50% off.

Flash deals as usual with over 70% off. Limited offer.

Even when it doesn’t feel like Easter is coming at all, shein started up their Easter egg hunt where you can win sweet prizes and save some more.

Happy shopping. #sheinathome

Stay safe and at home xo

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