February 2020 I spend at Coral beach Hurghada Resort. Judging by the name Coral Beach you might guess correctly that the resort has access to beautiful corals ideal for diving or snorkeling. Sounds incredible right.

That’s exactly what me and my friend thought as well but the reality was much different for us.

There were plenty of options you could choose from regarding the corals. You could sign up for diving lessons with an instructor but we were fine with just snorkeling with snorkelers we borrowed from our new Czech friends.

I have never done proper snorkeling before but it looked easy so why not try it.

Snorkeling was not as easy as I was imagining it would be.

My friend brought her waterproof pack where we put my phone determined to take beautiful underwater photographs. Easier said than done, trust me.

There was this pier that leads to the deep sea where the corals worth seeing are, with stairs that lead down under.

With my glasses on, snorkel in, phone around my neck I dived in and I regretted it almost instantly.

Remember how I mentioned the pier and stairs?

Well, it’s exactly the place where waves break.

So I got in and got thrown around like a doll, hitting the piers columns, cutting myself, bleeding all over. Fun. During the process, I drank a ton of water and I was thanking all of the Gods for not losing my phone at the bottom of the sea.


So I came up with an awesome idea.

I’m gonna hold myself to some pipe with one hand, take photos with the other and dip my head to the water and observe.

Guess how that turned out.

Have you ever tried to take photos through those waterproof cases?

It’s hell.

Not only you see shit through your glasses, you see shit through that case so you see double shit and you can’t even press the fucking button unless summoning inhuman strength you obviously don’t have when you’re freezing your tits off underwater.

Do that whilst being thrown to the wooden pillar repeatedly, whilst choking on saltwater through your snorkel that somehow got under.

Great time.

An even better part of this whole experience was the fact that we couldn’t get out cuz this kid all dressed up in diving uniform was having a panic attack whilst his parents were dragging him underwater.

So we waited for him to calm down, bleeding and choking ourselves.

It was such a bizarre 20 minutes I’ll never forget.

I did see a coral for a second and a bunch of fishes so it really was awesome. I just wasn’t able to coordinate my limbs and lungs to do what I wanted them to do.

Snorkeling was no fun for my clumsy miserable self.

In the end, I came out of the water with deep cuts all over my arms and legs and you can imagine how great open bleeding cuts and saltwater are.

As a memory, I’ll forever have fading scars and a bunch of blurry photos.

But me and my friend didn’t give up.

We came for underwater photos and we’re gonna get underwater photos.

Determined as we were we went into the shallow bay water and took turns in photographing. One of us would dip in and the other would press the button like crazy chocking on the water with laughter. They all still came out pretty shitty but we had fun doing them.

I’m sure corals at the Coral Beach are spectacular if you are capable of snorkeling. We found out we are not, but I’m still so pleased we at least tried, and our willingness to overcome our incompetence is what counts.


  1. March 6, 2020 / 10:09 pm

    I am sorry, but I had to laugh out loud when reading your description of your “diving” experience … it reminded me so vividly of our canoeing experience … At least you did not lose your humour! 😉
    But the poor kid …

  2. March 7, 2020 / 4:22 am

    Yikes! Yes, you need to learn snorkeling by easing into it, without waves. But once you figure it out, and if you are in a great place to snorkel, it’s amazing! Rough waves do not make it as much fun for sure. Glad you survived! 🐟🐡🐠🐟

  3. March 10, 2020 / 11:22 am

    Yeah this is an example o how we think things go in our head and the reality is different. Well done for having a go and keeping at it. 🙂

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