My almost 2 weeks’ absence from blogging ends now and I have a lot of stories to tell. My sudden disappearance is gonna be justified by my last minute trip to Egypt. I never thought I would travel to the African country in wintertime and the whole impulsiveness of the travel is what made it so incredible. One week in all-inclusive Hurghada resort Coral Beach was heaven on earth.

It all started during Christmas time when I met up with my university friends and we were all like: “let’s go chill at some beach when the exam period is done“. You know, that kind of talk no one takes too seriously because shit happens but at the same time, you hope you all mean it. It’s just a typical adult friendship. You plan and you plan and in the end, you meet up like 2-3 times a year and no one is mad about it. We’re all too busy for that now. With a little hope, I still submitted one week off from work in advance. Just in case we were not full of shit.

One week to go and we were nowhere close to planning our travel.

Things got complicated. I got to take extra shifts at work and I had so little time to look for some trip. One friend broke her arm and with a coronavirus outbreak, she was scheduled to attend WHO conferences as we are all medical workers. The other one wanted to wait for the last minute and the other called it off completely. I was sure I would chill out at home for a week of my already confirmed days off work.

3 days before our flight, me and my old roommate really got into digging the travel agencies and searching for a cheap exotic vacation.

Egypt is an incredibly popular and cheap destination on both Czech and Slovak travel agencies websites but as my friend went to Egypt 3 times already we tried to search for something a bit different. Emirates. Spain. Portugal. Turkey. Something nice and warm in February.

Unfortunately, all of those were too expensive for our liking so we settled down for Egypt for my first time. The price range was acceptable for all-inclusive 8 days of holiday so we started out our unsuccessful booking spree.

Everything we tried to book was already sold out. It was Valentine’s day week so I guess lots of couples wanted to spend it abroad. Also, it was a school holiday the next week and a lot of grandparents decided to take their grandchildren on vacation with them. What can I say, we picked out really shitty date.

3 days before our due date we found out from one travel agency that all flights from Prague to Hurghada are sold out except for one plane ticket.

We took it as a sight we are not meant to be in Egypt this February. We moved on and searched for some Rome or Gothenburg flights.

Four hours later that same day we got a call from one travel agency that someone canceled off their trip and there are 2 seats left for the hotel we liked the most. Call it destiny.

2 hours later our trip was paid off, travel insurance covered and we stood in front of a big question.

How do you pack for Egypt in February?

We went from 2°C in Prague to 25°C in Hurghada. You gotta take boots and you gotta take flip flops. You take gloves and you take sunglasses. Sundresses and winter coat. It’s a mess.

Let me tell you that me and my friend highly underestimated the weather.

I took one pair of jeans and 2 sweaters and that was a huge mistake. Even though the days are warm and I got so much tan, the nights were not that fun.

The problem might be our stubbornness.

We came in for a summer holiday in winter and we’ll be damned if we dress up in something else than dresses and shorts. I’ll be wearing my flip flops at 11 pm freezing my ass off but I’ll be looking damn cute doing it. It’s like we couldn’t accept the layers in Egypt.

Time outside stopped just like at any other vacation. You have no idea what day it is. You drink since early morning This holiday we even forgot what month it is. Nothing seemed like a February we, the middle European girls, are used to. The only reminder was the wind.

Like 3 days of our vacation were really windy. We would just chill in our bikinis at the pool or at the beach not even going to water because once we come out we would freeze. So we would sit by the beach, sipping Pina Coladas wrapped in beach towels.  One day we even witnessed the rain or more like a 2-minute drizzle, cuz that’s all they get in there. A couple of minutes later that same day I was applying sunscreen because of the sudden weather change.

So in conclusion, my honest take out form this holiday and my advice to all out your traveling to Egypt in the winter months are this:

Pack more warm clothes.

We did regret packing all summer clothes but on the other hand we did take incredible photographs.

Our whole vacation was amazing. There is so much more I have to say about the Coral Beach resort we were staying at, Hurghada itself or the people we met, and the culture we get to know. Each of them deserves its own glory in the form of a separate article.

Coming up soon.

Also traveling abroad within the coronavirus pandemic was also an experience on its own.

The week we spent there felt like a month and I still need a couple of days to recharge after my recharging in Egypt this February.

And now for the numbers. I’m sure you’re all wondering how much did this last-minute trip to Egypt in February cost me. So to satisfy your curiosity here we go.

4-star all-inclusive Hotel resort Coral Beach in Hurghada Egypt from Sunday to Sunday (8 days 7 nights) direct flight from Prague to Hurghada cost me 350 euro +25$ for a visa at the Hurghada airport. All expenses paid.

The resort offered plenty of options to spend some money like massages, diving, plenty of trips to Luxor or Cairo, camel or horse rides, fish pedicure we took part in, clothes or handbag stores. The resort even had a supermarket within itself. It was like a whole paradise city within this hotel resort.


  1. February 27, 2020 / 4:22 pm

    What a quandary, to know how to pack for Egypt, during this time. I would have guessed hotter temperatures all year…

  2. February 27, 2020 / 5:34 pm

    350 EUR, that’s not bad at all! Good for you! I am looking forward to reading more about your trip!

  3. February 27, 2020 / 8:14 pm

    Good for you… Sounds like you made thebest of it. 🙂

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