For the first Shein exploration of the year, I chose one of my favorite fashion style ever: Retro.

Retro is a wide concept. Even clothes from 2010 could be now considered retro but for me, the concept of retro is the fashion period before the year 2000.

All of the shapes of the ’50s. The boldness of the ’60s that has to be my favorite of them all. It’s amazing how clearly you see how they all started to experiment with fashion. The incredible courage to use as many colors as possible or every pattern you could possibly think of. The elegance of the 70’s that’s basically the fashion we see nowadays. The comfort of the ’80s and grunge of the ’90s. That’s what retro means to me.

Part of Shein’s explore section, I’ve been praising forever now, are these preassembled outfits titled New Retro. The romantic side of the ’50s meets the high waists of the ’70s.

Lots of ruffles and lots of lace. Pastel colors only. Bell-bottoms and bell sleeves. Layers and flower patterns everywhere. The highest level of softness.

That’s the New Retro by shein and here are my favorite preassembled outfits:


Purple and yellow are risky but so worth it combination. Love the little details on this outfit such as waist belt, folds, turtleneck or the sweetest flowery shoes ever. Four pieces and four different materials.

Outfit n.1:

Frill Mock Neck Layered Ruffle Detail Sheer Mesh Top

Fold Pleated Detail Belted Palazzo Pants

Flower Print Bow Decor Peep Toe Heeled Mules

Mini Croc Embossed Satchel Bag




Let’s continue with odd combinations of patterns and materials. What I love the most about this look is how one simple necklace with giant coins adds a gypsy vibe to the whole outfit. Let the leather pants with a huge bow stand out with simple, comfy shoes.

Outfit n.2:

V-Neck Ruffle Trim Floral Blouse

V-Cut Waist Seam Front Cuffed Hem Belted PU Pants

Ankle Strap Stiletto Heels

1pc Coin Charm Chain Necklace





Baby blue, baby pink, pastel purple, and light pink all in one look. Holly 4. That’s the sweetest, softest, and most romantic look achievable.

Outfit n.3:

Layered Lace Ruffle Trim Mesh Insert Blouse

Solid Boxy Pleated Detail Silky Pants

Ankle Strap Stiletto Heels

Mini Croc Embossed Satchel Bag





The last of the high-waisted colorful pants and romantic blouse outfit is this one. Soft combinations of simple white pants and vivid flower pattern finished up with huge ass pearl earrings.

Outfit n.4:

Tie Back Floral Print Ruffle Trim Shirred Panel Top

Ankle Strap Stiletto Heels

Mini Croc Embossed Satchel Bag

Faux Pearl Decor Hoop Earrings



Check out more of the New Retro styles HERE.

What’s your favorite?

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  1. January 7, 2020 / 9:30 pm

    Wow, splendid, I like all of them. My favorite is the second , though, the floral blouse. <3

  2. January 7, 2020 / 11:36 pm

    I love the blouse of outfit no. 2, and the colour of the pants, but not the material. One has to be very slim for that, which I am not … 😉

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