One week to go and if you still lack Holiday gifts for your friends and family you might hurry up. If you still don’t even have an idea of what to get them you might need some extra help. Shopping last-minute is tricky but there is a special rush of adrenalin to it that’s an undeniable part of a holiday. Macy’s got you with last-minute Holiday gift ideas help.

If you visit Macy’s website and hover over the “shop by the department” and pick up “holiday gifts” you’ll find a solution to your holiday struggle. Holiday gifts ideas.

You might not know a lot about what to give as a gift, but I’m sure you at least know who you’re giving it to. This way you can focus on a specific section Macy’s offer. Gifts for her? Gifts for him? Or Gifts for kids?

Another factor might be the price you’re planning to spend on a gift for that specific person. Gifts under 20$? Gifts under 50$? Or gifts under 100$? Maybe you’ll aim even higher and go for luxe gifts with a price of over 100$.

Macy’s even offers a last-minute gift ideas section where you can find anything from clothes, candles, decoration, or toys for inspiration.

I know what you might be wondering.

Will it arrive on time for the holidays?

Well, that’s tricky. To be sure you should go for Store pickup. This feature of Macy’s means you’ll search for your gifts online, choose Macy’s store nearby and you can pick them up at the store in 2 hours. This only works for stuff in stock. If what you choose is not in stock, Macy’s gonna send it to your chosen store without any extra shipping fee for you. This might take 5-8 days so you’re really gambling the time here.

To be extra sure you’ll get your gifts in time you should definitely go for Same-day Delivery. For an extra 10$, you’ll have your gifts with you the same day you ordered them. Works only for selected cities so check out if yours works HERE.

The typical last-minute gift that works every time is simple: Gift cards.

Want a physical one? eGift card? Choose your design and the money amount and you’re all set with the most uncreative gift ever.

You can make it a little bit more personal if you choose to personalize your gift card. You know, put your face on it, write some sweet message and you’re good to go.

Check out Macy’s for any last-minute holiday gift ideas and remember to hurry up.

Don’t forget the free shipping Macys offer on orders over 25$.

Good luck and happy shopping xo

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  1. December 16, 2019 / 1:37 pm

    Wow! Macy’s! I remember that store from New York and from Miami Beach! Here we have a much bigger one, “El Corte Ingles” and sometimes it reminds me of Macy’s…great post! My greetings and all the best from Spain.

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