In my short life, I have traveled quite a lot. The one issue I’m always facing is finding a travel buddy to take on my journeys with me. All of my trips suggestions sound great to all of my friends – in theory. But when it comes to actually doing it, many back down. Sure there are many factors in consideration everyone needs to rethink. Time. Money. Comfort zone. The last one is what I’ve been struggling with probably more than the money issue. I didn’t wanna do shit alone. Solo travel sounds way too scary.

I’m all for planing the whole thing, having it all figured out by myself. More than anything else I need to be in control or at least familiar with what’s going down. I just need someone morally supports me in my travels, stand by me and witness the place with me. Basically, I need someone I can point out the cool stuff I saw to.

Solo travel has always been in the back of my mind and I planned to keep it there.

It’s too dangerous for a young lady out there.

But the truth is, it’s dangerous for a young lady right here, so I just said fuck it and booked my first solo trip. I can’t spend my youth waiting for the right person and that goes all the way not only in regards to a travel buddy.

Besides, I’m a young lady engaging in dangerous solo travels for only a short while.

  • Is it really solo travel if you’re traveling with a travel agency?
  • Is it really a proper solo travel when you’re traveling to a place you already been before?
  • What is the definition of solo travel?

The answers are: Yes, yes, whatever.

If you’re on your own and you’re traveling, it is solo travel. It’s obvious you’re gonna meet other people and travel with other people. They’re not gonna fly a plane with just you on board because you wanna do it solo.

So what you’ve already been to a place? I bet it still has something to offer and there is nothing like witnessing the same place but with a different point of view, different experiences that got you there this time.

My first solo travel was “just” to a country next door- Germany. Once again I visited Dresden’s famous Christmas markets and most importantly done some Christmas shopping. This was my 3rd time in Dresden but it felt completely different doing it on my own. Even the city was different and there is so much stuff that happened. I’m gonna tell you all about it soon.

Meanwhile check out my previous trip to Dresden: Christmas Dresden is like a fairytale. 

The major benefit of solo travel is freedom.

Cheesy I know. But hear me out.

The lack of responsibility was unbelievably freeing. Every time I travel with someone I feel responsible for their good time. I came up with the trip, dragged them into it, so it’s up to me to make it worth their time and money.

The time schedule needs to accommodate at least 2 people and two bladers, 2 stomachs, 2 pairs of tied feet.

This time I was free to do whatever I felt like doing. When I wanted to sit down I did. I wanted to use the bathroom I stepped into the line and 30 minutes later a was done. Seriously the line to a ladies’ toilets was 30 minutes long. No exaggeration. I timed it. When I was hungry I found a restaurant I was in the mood for and just went for it. No limitations.

But most importantly no one saw me fuck up.

There is this quote I relate to so much that goes:

“You’re not afraid of failing, you’re afraid of letting other people see you fail. What other people think of you is none of your fucking business.”

Sadly I’m struggling with the second part of the quote.

I’m a typical woman. Always performing. You know, sitting on a bus hoping someone here thinks I’m pretty and I look cute gazing into the distance with my headphones in. But hey, I’m working on it.

Traveling solo no one needs to know you got lost, you went through the same building 3 times, you stumbled and dropped your bag, or that you spend most of your trip waiting in queues for stuff. You’re the only one who knows and you’re the one regulating this information. It’s like your action has no repercussions. You’re a rich white guy.

Solo travel has a dark side as well.

There was no one who would take cute photos of me. With my deeply rooted trust issues, I’m sure as hell ain’t gonna handle my phone to a stranger for a photo. That’s where selfie sticks, timing, or tripods come in handy.

There was no one I could show a cute dog or a weird guy to.

This is where the benefit of our fast internet times makes a difference.

I could show the cute dog to thousands of friends, family, and followers immediately.

Not for one second, I felt alone.

My first solo trip was just a small one day trip to a nearby country. Baby steps that made me realize how awesome traveling on your own really is. Here is to my many more solo trips to come.


  1. December 15, 2019 / 12:45 pm

    It is interesting to read about your experiences with travelling alone. I have never done that. I tried to recall my travels. It was either with somebody or to visit somebody/meet somebody halfway. So I am looking forward to read more about your solo travel experiences. I can imagine that the freedom aspect is a tempting factor.

  2. December 15, 2019 / 2:00 pm

    I’m pretty comfortable traveling by myself, but with one exception. I don’t like eating in restaurants alone. I admire your bravery to overcome your worries and give it a try.

  3. December 15, 2019 / 2:47 pm

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  4. December 15, 2019 / 5:55 pm

    I’ve been wanting to go on more solo trips next year and this blog post is super motivating! Thanks for the insight 🙂

  5. November 20, 2023 / 12:28 pm

    Great Post! You are sharing a wonderful post. Thanks and keep sharing.

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