The Internet is currently dominating by the cutest little extraintestinal creature ever seen: Baby Yoda.  The mass obsession is very understandable considering our global love for mushy squishy things and star wars. It’s impossible nowadays not to see baby Yoda everywhere and impossible not to go awww every time you see his cute little green face. When did the baby Yoda come from?


Baby Yoda came from a new tv series called The Mandalorian by Disney+.

What the hell is Disney+ you ask?

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Well, you know Netflix right? One platform to stream all of your favorite tv shows and movies for a paid membership. Well, you might know that there is HBOgo which is like the other platform with other shows you need to pay for. Then there is amazon prime, Apple Tv, and other streaming services. Disney+ is another one of many corporations capitalizing on the streaming industry, monopolizing their content, creating branded series so you have to get all of those memberships and pay all of those sites to watch a show.

The presence of all of those streaming platforms is totally negating the original purpose of one streaming service for all of the shows to make the experience better for the viewers. I sure as hell ain’t gonna pay 7 different memberships to watch one tv show per site and I ain’t alone.

The greediness of those streaming sites leads to one thing only. Pirating. We’re all getting back to the times when Netflix was not as popular or convenient. Back to the times when we could watch any show free of charge. People refreshed the memories of illegally downloading tv shows and are now enjoying the shows in low quality but for free.

On one hand, as a creator, I understand how hurtful it is to plagiarise content, not give credit or basically rip of the author. But on the other hand, if you work 2 jobs, live in a studio apartment with 6 other people, and need to pay off your students’ loans, who am I to judge you for trying to be a little bit happier and saving some money.

Disney+ came up with a brilliant way to lure new subscribers.

They released a star wars spinoff staring baby Yoda. Seriously hands down to the person who designed the baby Yoda, the magnet for new viewers. The marketing strategy is just perfect. Give people what they can’t resist and they come crawling for more cuteness.

You can try Disney+ for free for 7 days, then it’s like 7$ for a month. That’s enough time to fall for baby Yoda and buy the full membership, or at least that’s what was assumed by Disney. Of course, 7$ is not a lot but bigger picture guys.

Disney let us believe they are making this dark, action spinoff about the Mandalorian, the lonely and dangerous bounty hunter flying through galaxies, hunting and eliminating their prey. In reality, we got a soft story about a single dad taking care of his cute adoptive son and overcoming life’s struggles.

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The Mandalorian is played by the incredible Pedro Pascal.

Pascal is the kind of guy you need to take a second glance at. The more you look, the more you can’t turn away. His undeniable charisma lures you in and oh boy I’m pretty deep in Pedro Pascal. The craziest part is that in 4 episodes so far released Pedro/Mandalorian hasn’t taken off his helmet, therefore we haven’t actually see Pedro’s face yet.

Before I illegally watched the Mandalorian series I saw many posts about people thirsting over the Mandalorian, creating edits and fanfiction staring Mando. I didn’t understand how could they find someone in full body armor and helmet that much attractive.

You can only understand how hot he is when you see Pedro Pascal performing as Mandalorian. You can’t see his face but you can feel his facial expression. You see his body language, the simple way how he stands or leans, sits or walks. How can he make his character so attractive whilst being covered in iron from head to toes is beyond me?

Pedro’s spotlight has been stolen by the puppet though.

I’m sure everyone knows who Yoda is.

Little did we know how unbearably cute he was as a kid. He’s so small. So pure. He has big floppy ears that blow in the wind and huge sparkly black eyes. Makes the softest small squeaky noises. He’s a cheeky 50 years old baby touching everything and misbehaving to get his papa’s attention. Eats frogs. Loves to play with other kids. Naps a lot. He’s so relatable. Everything he does is used as a new meme. Every time he’s not on screen I’m wondering how is he doing. Likes to push the buttons. He follows his new dad everywhere. His sheer presence creates so much serotonin. I got to smile when I look at him.

Baby Youda merch boom is only natural in such a global obsession. You can find a bunch of creative merch with baby Yoda on amazon or on eBay.


So far we’ve seen half of it. 4 episodes of Mandalorian in, 4 more to go. Baby boy Yoda already has all of our attention and our hearts. Let’s see what’s gonna happen to our beloved father-son duo next.


  1. December 5, 2019 / 9:14 pm

    Baby yoda tv nailed it

  2. Freddiemercuryonline
    December 5, 2019 / 9:19 pm

    I love mandalorian 😍

  3. December 5, 2019 / 9:39 pm

    Hello there, it’s even worse if you live in the UK…we don’t even get Disney+ until March (I think). But even when it launches here I won’t be able to view it as I have a low income and can’t afford it – lightsaber designers don’t make much money ;D

    p.s. I do know that the great artist Ralph McQuarrie designed the original Yoda and based the look on a combination of his own face and Albert Einstein’s!

  4. December 5, 2019 / 9:39 pm

    Baby Yoda was a good move all around though because my original worry on this show was how am I going to relate to a character if I can never see his face. Well here you go expressive puppet for everyone to fall in love with and make the Mando instantly relatable while giving Pascal and the writing more time to build up the Mando. Not to mention all the brilliant memes!

  5. Barney Rubble
    December 6, 2019 / 2:35 am

    …and everyone loves Yoda. How can one not?
    It was either become an ascended master or be scapegoated probably… wars do not make one become great.

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