Thanksgiving day is almost here and even though it’s last-minute, it’s not too late to get your holiday decoration in order.

You Americans have a tough role switching from one holiday to the other. The one being Thanksgiving and the other being December 1th- the socially acceptable time to put your Christmas hat on.

Výsledok vyhľadávania obrázkov pre dopyt martha stewart thanksgiving

One of the most common, most festive, and most beautiful Thanksgiving collection is the Martha Steward collection at Macy’s.

In this beautiful holiday time you can get stuff from Martha Steward’s collection with 65% off as a part of a Black Friday special sale.

To top it off you can get an Extra 20% off with discount code: SCORE on specific products.

To top it off even more Macy’s offers free shipping on orders over just 25$! This special offer ends at 12.12. so don’t miss out.



My top 3 product of this Thanksgiving collection got to be:

I’m not really celebrating Thanksgiving since I no longer live in America. I’m just all about the outfits and decoration as I mentioned in my Top outfits to wear to your living room this Thanksgiving. My favorite part is what comes next.

Christmas month.

December is a Sunday of months. You’re both relaxed and in a hurry all the time.

December 1st is the first day that it’s ok to put on a Christmas decoration. Macy’s got you with this holiday as well.

Christmas 2019 is gonna be in the spirit of soft white colors or general pastel ones. White in combination with any color is good to go.

Of course green, red, white or gold is a festive choice always. But let’s be bolder. It’s 2019.

I know it’s unconventional and far from Christmas tradition but I just love different color Christmas trees. For example this Pre-Lit Pink Christmas Tree with Clear LED Lights. Imagine that with plain white ornaments. Perfect.

Another perfect but not as bold combo would be this Crystal White Christmas Tree with a combination of Champagne gold ornaments. Glamorous.

I have my Christmas lights on all year long. Finally, it’s ok.

I prefer one color white lights rather than colorful ones. That’s why these Micro Balls and Micro snowflakes are my favorites.

Martha Steward created other holiday collections for Macy’s besides Thanksgiving one.

Her first Christmas collection is in a spirit of down to earth features. This collection is called Silver Woods and these are my top products from it:

Another Christmas collection by Martha Steward is called Farm House Holidays. It’s a typical old fashioned fairytale Christmas and it’s freaking adorable. My two favorite items from this collection got to be:

I know how I’m gonna decorate my holiday home. How about you?

Is your home holiday-ready?


  1. profesorgadzet
    November 28, 2019 / 12:15 pm

    Rather, I am not prepared for Christmas. It’s only two days in December (we still have November).

    I am not American and like most people in the world do not celebrate this day (holiday?) – Thanksgiving. Although the concept itself is not bad, but looking at pop culture, I would not like to care in this way.

    Lights are also present throughout my year, various designs, be it palms, pumpkins, strange creatures and they must be colorful ^^

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