Hello November. We did set off October with a grand ending and spectacular Halloween parties. The most popular costume trend among celebrities was dressing up as other celebrities. The most popular ones got to be Billie Eilish and her famous When the party’s over video clip.

If you thought you’re gonna see the shit ton of Joker costumes this year you might be shocked by the unexpected lack of it. Speaking of IT- Pennywise the clown was the most searched costume idea before Halloween 2019 so the clowns were still leading the parties.

But let’s talk about our favorite celeb family and tons of costumes they delivered this Halloween.

Kardashians and Jenners kept us entertained.

Starting with Kim K who won this Halloween costume with her epic representation of Ellen Woods from Legally Blonde. Kim as Ellen delivered her legendary Harvard Video Essay and posted it on her Instagram.

With the bodies, resources and team of creators Kardashians/Jenners have, it must be really easy to recreate whatever costume they set their mind to.

Halloween parties are still ongoing as I type.

Kim shared a sneak peek of her another Halloween costume she hasn’t posted a full look yet. From what we know it seems like some sort of hot alien.

Khloe K went overboard with Trues costumes this year and it’s so freaking cute. Swan. Oompa Loompa. Bee. Spider. Pumpkin. Lion. Dalmatian dog.

The girl rocks.

The last costume of the dalmatian dog she matched with her mummy Khloe. Khloe dressed up as Cruela DeVil and shared a cute photo of her with her photoshopped dalmatians. The girls matched at Kylies Halloween party she threw for the kids. Auntie Kylie knows how to throw a party.

Kourtney rocked the costume of the Vampira. It fit her so well. The photos she shared on Instagram along with the original vampire were stunning.

The right filter can make a major difference.

Her other costume of a sexy cowboy woman or more precisely Dolly Parton. Personally, I didn’t like this costume of hers at all. Not that it was bad or anything. I just think that her options were wide open and to go with something so simple and tacky is a waste of opportunity.

Kendall Jenner kept us on our toes with her costume. She threw us some throwback Halloween costumes but nothing new. She teased us with her preparations for hours until she finally revealed this year’s costume. We still got only short stories video and no dashboard photo but we can clearly see she’s going as a forest fairy/princess/elf (?) and partying so hard with her model friends.

And now for the grand finale. My top favorite costume award goes to Kylie Jenner and I can’t even choose my one favorite outfit of hers.

First of all, she killed us all with a super adorable photo of her one-year-old daughter Stormi dressed as Kylie Jenner Met gala 2019. My summary of Met gala 2019 is right HERE.

Then she showed us some photos from her playboy Halloween party where she obviously went dressed up as a playboy bunny. Lacks the creativity she definitely posses, but it fits the theme so I’m gonna let that one go.

But then she blew us all away with her freaking hot Ariel costume. With the body and face as hers everything looks phenomenal but this one was a really right move for her.

Ariel definitely grew up.

As a big Ariel fan, I was thrilled. Even more when I saw her other Halloween look where she went as no other than Marilyn Monroe herself. My obsession with Marilyn Monroe is quite visible as I wrote a bunch of articles regarding the icon. You can check some of them HERE, HERE, or HERE.

To have iconic Kylie Jenner dressing up as an iconic Marilyn Monroe was a goal for me.

And she’s still not done yet. At her stories, we could see a little sneak peek of her already mentioned Halloween party for the kids. She and Stormi went in matching power rangers costumes.

Later on, Kylie showed us a similar costume to her sister Kendall’s look. Some sort of fairy elf. Not sure if the girls are partying together thought. We’ll have to sit and wait for some more photos they hopefully gonna share soon.

Let’s not forget the Mamma boss Kris Jenner. On her Instagram, she shared some cute throwback Halloween videos of the kids, but no outfit of her own. But thanks to her kid’s Instagram stories we saw Kris as a Dia De Los Muertos character.

So many Kardashian/Jenner Halloween costumes this year.

Which is your favorite?


Ever since I published this article there were some new costumes worth mentioning.

First of all, Kendall confirmed my theory of forest fairy and shared stunningly beautiful photos on his Instagram.

Kim K also shared some new photos. This time family photo. Kardashian-West family dressed up as a beloved Fliunstons. The best part about this photo is the fact that little Chicago was too scared of a Kanye Dino, they had to photoshop her in to have a proper family photo. That’s just hilarious.


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