I’ve been praising shein and specifically their explore section forever now. All of that could be found in my explanatory shein article HERE or the whole page dedicated to sheins reviews and outfit ideas HERE. So I’m just gonna jump straight to my top favorite fashionable outfits at the moment by Shein. An inseparable feature of each of those outfits is huge hoop earrings.

Besides that, the whole “Fashion edit” section is in a spirit of daring basic with a hint of rebellious look. Neon attributes that are so in style this year with my favorite tacky animal patterns. Many soft silver accessories with the main hoop earrings.

Let’s dig in:

Check out this beauty. Dress over shirt sounds so 2002 but with the right attitude, you can make it 2019. Soft transparent Crop Sheer Mesh Top with Solid Longline Satin Cami Dress is an incredible mixture of textures. Satin itself screams luxury but with silver accessories, it goes to a whole new level.

Like this Metallic Clutch Bag With Drawstring, or any other of your liking but make it small and cute. Continuing with silver jewelry like Silver Plated Simple Hoop Earrings. It’s amazing how powerful hoop earrings can make you feel. Coin Charm Double Layered Chain Necklace looks great on the decollete and brings the look together. Shein is even styling your hair with these super cute Rhinestone Engraved Hairpins that bring playfulness to the outfit.

The key element is the Textured Buckle Belt with silver features as well. But my favorite has to be Snakeskin Side Zipper Boots. Spectacular. Love how this look contains so many different textures and patterns that complement each other greatly.

The basic french outfit I would die for. Take a look at each piece individually. Not in my wildest dreams would it ever occur to me to put them together as shein has. Yellow. Leather. Pink. Baret. Neon. Snakeskin and more.

Solid Belted Pu Pants that come in sizes from s-xl with Snakeskin Print Form Fitting Top on their own creates wild rebels look. Chenille Plain Beret Cap makes everything much fancier. And french.

The yellow Peep Toe Clear Stiletto Heeled Mules is so out of style and yet looks unbelievably fit into this look. A daring attitude is a must in fashion and this outfit is no exception. Sure you can play it safer with either pink or black boots if you feel more comfortable. But this one is much more fun.

Top it off with Crocodile Pattern Round Satchel Bag and already mentioned powerful Braided Oversized Hoop Earrings. 

To sum it up. Daring and French.

Army fashion. The key element is Solid Flap Pocket Cargo Pants. Army green color with bad girl vibe accessories creates a sort of don’t mess with me look. Again hoop earrings give you that powerful look. Combination with an almost romantic look of Zip Back Sheer Crochet Crop Top is a solid win.

Join those two with snakeskin Western Buckle Belt to keep in touch with the fashionable trends. Keeping up with the trends you would wanna wear retro style cat sunglasses. Just like Metal Frame Cat Eye Sunglasses from shein, hoop earring, and you’re almost finished.

The devilish look is achieved with Solid Lace-Up Boots but still maintaining the girlish charm.

Love how shein is able to combine styles, materials, and patterns to create the perfect outfits.

Ideal for lazy stylists as shein does the heavy thinking for you. All of the source links are included above. You just have to choose your favorite one. Don’t forget the hoops.

Happy shopping.


  1. August 29, 2019 / 7:10 am

    You look great, I was going to say that I should put some pictures up for my girl- friends to see what you are wearing, buut I had a bettertter idiea…. I´ll show it to my mother she whill go through each and the inch of everything and then tell me, ” Yes, never show her face but try to cut this peace out and later put it in Photoshop, and this pieace in… so on and so forth”. You are putting me in trouble, it´s youuuuuur fault!
    Have a great day, you look beautiful in those clothes and whatever others.

  2. August 29, 2019 / 7:36 pm

    They look great, but a toddler can pull you to the floor by grabbing one of those things. My ex had to give them up until our kids were four…

  3. lonelyloquat
    September 19, 2019 / 6:31 pm

    I love hoop earrings. They’re classic. 😀

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