Hey. A long time ago I got myself Bell sleeve flower pattern dress from a romwe store. As a part of our fashion blogger review program, I wrote a short review of the dress and posted it on my Tumblr blog. As usual, everything was fine. I liked the dress.

But as I got them in the wintertime I put them in my wardrobe and didn’t think about them for a really long time.

Now, two years later, I rediscovered them and they are currently my go-to dress. I’m sure we all have those time periods where certain outfits are just perfect and we wear them until we get sick of them.

Bell sleeve dress is it for me. Even though, when I first got them I was not as excited about them as I am now.

Interesting how taste changes. Funny how sometimes you just find things.

So allow me to introduce you to my favorite dress:

It looked way too cute at the official product photo that looked just like this:

image image

And I just had to have it. Also the description. I got myself size L as it’s my usual size and from long-time experience with romwes clothes I knew this would be the right size for me. Obviously, I was right.



This dress has an incredibly deep neckline and most of the time my bra is showing.

But that’s ok I have a nice bra and a nice rack to look at.

The low cut goes to the backside as well, so when I put it on, the whole top part of the dress just kinda bounces down my shoulder and stays on just by the waistband. The binding goes from the shoulders to the back and it fixates the top in its place.

The waist has its own binding that goes to the backside of the dress. It forms a beautiful hourglass body shape.

Besides the deep V neck, another interesting feature of this dress is the bell sleeves. Goes on to the elbow length and looks spectacular.

Never thought I’d love bell sleeves this much.



The soft oriental flower pattern on a plain black background only adds to the uniqueness of this outfit. The pattern gets denser at the bell sleeves and bottom part of the length and I love how it lines them all together.

Material is super soft and easy on the skin. Ideal for hot summer days and I got that tested.

I wore them recently on my short holiday in Italy and the feel of the ocean breeze waving my dress was an incredible experience.

Like some old Goddess.

Check out my What happened at my one-day trip to Bibione Italy story.


Honestly, I can’t believe why I haven’t pulled them out of my closet sooner.


Better late than never.

I would totally recommend this dress or shopping with romwe in general.

Or at least I would recommend taking a deeper dig into your wardrobe.

There might be beautiful pieces you just needed more time to appreciate.








  1. July 20, 2019 / 9:13 pm

    I love long sleeved everythings, but especially bell sleeves!! 💜

    • natalieihnatova
      July 26, 2019 / 5:11 pm

      So do I, thank you

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