We’re finally through. No more wondering who would sit on the iron throne anymore. No more who will survive anymore. The reality of the season finale of game of thrones exceeded our worst ideas.

Season 8 got extremely low ratings in comparison to its previous glory. Well except for the first 2 episodes of season 8. Remember all of those reunions and sailing ships? It all went downhill with episode 3 – the final battle of the living that ended surprisingly quickly and was so freaking dark.

What changed you might ask?

Well, that’s when Game of Thrones writers David Benioff and D.B. Weiss (D&D) stepped up and fucked things up.

You might hear their names quite a lot recently. Besides the disappointing game of thrones fans with rush and nonsense writing – D&D is gonna write the next Star wars movie.

But I’m not here to talk about that sad news.

Let us recap what a disappointment was s08e06.

I hate to write bad reviews for anything. First of all, allow me to point out some good moments of the last episode to make myself feel slightly better for dedicating my free time to game of thrones for the last 8 years.


The last episode was beautifully made. Seriously the visual effects (like that Danny dragon wings scene), the music (last soundtrack), the acting performances = just great. Shame for the bad script though.

I shed a tear during that Drogon scene. How could this enormous terrifying dragon be so innocently cute? Give him an Emmy, please.

Tyrion’s speech about stories being the most powerful, although I always liked listening to his monologues.

Gendry Baratheon is looking hot.

Robbin Arryn pulling Nevil Longbottom and turning himself into a snack.

Ghost getting pet by Jon.

And that’s it. That’s all of the positivity I could find.

What was bad:

I understand that the writers had a terrible job to try to satisfy a great number of fans.

Obviously, you can’t make everyone happy.

I give them credit for pulling something unexpected. Sure I never thought Bran Freaking Stark would Be the younger more beautiful queen to rule after Cersei as the prophecy promised. Clearly, none of us was supposed to do a rewatch of previous seasons – BECAUSE NONE OF IT MAKES ANY SENSE ANYMORE.

The only thing that makes scary and sad sense is this:

In conclusion, yes, I am bitter.

Song of ice and fire and both fire Daenerys and ice Jon are each other’s curse. Kinda poetic I guess.

If Jon never met Daenerys he would be probably dead now as the Nigh King would slaughter the army Jon had without Danny.

On the other hand, if Danny never met Jon she would be alive, her friends would be alive, she would still be the savior of the oppressed and a hero.

If there is a message we should all take from Game of Thrones it would be this: Ladies focus on your career and not on some lame hot guy.


I already mentioned that I liked Tyrion’s speech with the “who are you to decide” and “stories are great” vibe.

There’s nothing more powerful in the world than a good story. Nothing can stop it. No enemy can defeat it. And who has a better story than Bran the Broken?

Well, excuse me I could think about several names.

First of all Daenerys Targarian and her story.

Let me quote @emiliaclarke Instagram because I could never say it better:

So basically…
the woman who started out as a slave -abused and sold by her brother, fought her way through it.. lost a husband and a child, yet somehow birthed three dragons by risking her life (she didn’t know whether she’d survive the fire), led her people through the red waste while starving, punished those who needed to be punished for what they did, freed slaves, earned the love of the common people, the loyalty of her armies, united all Dothraki to one big Khalasar, brought them across the narrow sea, gave the Northerners dragon glass to fight the army of the dead, offered them all her forces, repeatedly sacrificed her life, her children’s lives and lost everything along the way to fight for the good cause, no one acknowledged that and constantly questioned her and took her credit away.

This woman will be remembered as a bloodthirsty tyrant in Westeros. This woman who gave her all and got nothing in return but losses, grief, anger and betrayal, the one who started out alone and died alone, while everyone else got their happy ending. A literal happy ending. Let that sink in. It’s beyond me how people have the audacity to say “what did you expect, a Disney ending?” So it only would have been a Disney ending if Daenerys had survived? Apparently Game of Thrones has always been a tale about the Starks and its only okay for them to have their happy ending. Got it.

I’m so happy no one is buying those ridiculous mad queen foreshadowing bullshits.

Výsledok vyhľadávania obrázkov pre dopyt daenerys targaryen

Emilia Clark herself did not know her character was supposed to be the bad guy, therefore never played her like one. My guess is they just did not know how to make a woman successful leader in that sausage fest so they killed her off the most cringy way possible.

Jon Snow who put his people first, who was literally betrayed by people he trusted and stabbed in the back, knows exactly how that feels like, what death feels like.

And you are telling me that Jon Snow was resurrected to stab Danny, his love in the back, and then not even sit on that fucking throne?

What was the point of building up Daenerys coming to Kings Landing, conquered them all for her not even sit on the throne.

To show how bad Targaryen house is?

To show that your genes do define you?

Because if it was just a story with no deeper meaning then that’s just sad. Sad so many people waited to hear the end of her story to turn down like that.

No matter what, for me, Danny would always be one of the best female characters I ever got to know. Sadly memory of her would always be bitter because of poorly handled shock value.

What about Arya Stark’s story?

Hell, she used to be this cheerful kid we all watched grow into a powerful, fearless, courageous, ambitious, phenomenal, and beautiful woman.

She knew who she was when she was young – not a lady and she stays true to herself even when she’s older.

Arya saw her father beheaded, run off home to Winterfell dressed up as a boy, stumbled upon so many interesting adventures along the way just as Bran did. She made friends, she made enemies and sometimes they overlapped like The Hound.

She had her pack just as the wolf she is and she did everything to get back to them, to keep them safe.

The girl lost herself, she becomes no one, she cheated death, trained her damn hardest, and found herself back.

She went home, reunited with her pack, got in touch with emotions she never thought she was capable of because of Gendry, and killed the fucking Night King.

To say she would leave her pack behind and travel the world is out of character.

I mean I totally get her it’s an incredible ending and I would totally do the same but not her. I thought she chooses life when she sat on that white horse and run through the light.

Turns out she went a couple of blocks, sat down, and changed her mind. What was that poetic scene good for?

The lone wolf dies but the pack survives

This quote echoes through many of starks scenes. How is it that all of the wolves are ending the show all alone.

The only acceptable way for Arya the explorer would be her own spin-off show traveling the unknown places of the game of Thrones universe. Let us explore with her till she is ready to reunite with her pack again.

Why not Sansa Stark.Výsledok vyhľadávania obrázkov pre dopyt sansa stark

She already managed independence for Winterfell. BTW why not let every kingdom be independent?

Sansa went through major character development. She went from naive sweet lady to queen in the north.

Her story deserves recognition as well.

The boy she loved executed her father and forced her to watch. She went through an immense amount of abuse both physical and emotional. She was raped regularly. Did everything she could to save her people, even collaborated with despiteful people.

She’s capable of managing people. Incredible strategist. Helped to win in Battle of Bastards. Fed her abusers to the hounds (without being considered mad) Ruled over the North.

Her head and courage are outstanding.

She is fearless and cunning. She plays the game of thrones so well.

Hell, she was ready to fight the dead in the crypt with a single knife. She’s smart and she would make a great ruler as she has been proving again and again.

Why not Jon Snow.

Výsledok vyhľadávania obrázkov pre dopyt jon snow

It’s been clearly foreshadowed and we all know how much D&D likes to do that. They did Jon as dirty this season as they did Daenerys. What other line did Jon said this season besides “You are my queen” and “I don’t want it”.

Jon would be a great king. He’s putting his people first, he’s smart and his mistakes made him cautious.

Jon is the only one who had the guts to do what was “needed” to be done and killed “the mad queen” (ugh) and he’s punished for doing what writers clarified was the right thing to do.

If we look at it from the religious site of the story.

The New Gods vs the Old Gods.

Lord of the light brought Jon back for what exactly?

You and me both would guess – to kill the nigh king. Writers thought that would be too obvious and the show would lack the shock value so they went with Arya instead. No one expected that and it made sense.

So maybe they wanted him to rule over 7 kingdoms. Nope, he’s exiled now.

Remind me what exactly happened to Jaime Lannister for stabbing Mad king? I don’t remember him being exiled. How is this any different?

Obviously, the Gods in charge have to be the Old Gods. Bran the three-eyed raven is the new king even though he is something else now, as he said himself.

Joh since resurrection was just a waste of a character.

I assume they had different plans for his character when they choose to bring him back.

Why it ended up like this is beyond me.

Still, I find his sad ending kind of relieving. He deserves to have peace finally. Let the boy rest and cuddle with his dog. They both deserve it.

Why are we all forgetting about Gendry again?Výsledok vyhľadávania obrázkov pre dopyt gendry baratheon

So basically he was brought back to fuck Arya, propose to her and get turned down, and suddenly become a lord of Storms End. That’s awesome but I’m sure the plot of the game of thrones could have continued without it.

It would make sense if he would be seriously considered for the iron throne as he is one of the rightful heirs to the throne. He’s part Targaryen. He’s a true son of the last king Robert Baratheon.

His story is worth telling.

Without Gendry, Jon and the rest would die behind the wall.

Where would all of the living be without Gendry and his weapons?

The fact that he fought in the first lines in a war against death without any proper training clearly shows his courage.

He was never fond of high lords and ladies and that would make him a king of the people. I feel like he would change the approach to bastards and low-borns at least in his lands.

Gendry has kindness in his heart. I just hope Arya’s refusal of marriage did not turn him into old King Robert.  Let’s hope history would not repeat itself again.

So why bring him back?

I would also take the helping Arya finding her humanity again and living happily ever after with him but that didn’t happen either. Sad truth is that

Gendry was brought back because season 8 lacked sex scenes.

We didn’t even get to see how is he doing as a lord. That would also be a great idea for a spin-off show. Watch this low born guy learning how to be a high lord.

We had time to see Tyrion rearranging chairs but not what happened since stabbing and the council.

  • Who found out that Jon stabbed Danny?
  • Did they imprison him right away?
  • Did he confess?
  • Who decided to call up the council?
  • Why those guys?
  • How exactly would it work from now on?
  • Did people accept the new king?
  • Are you telling me everyone is ok with Winterfell’s independence?
  • How could they all be choosing Bran without knowing anything about him?
  • Do you think the prince of the drone knows what a three-eyed raven is?
  • How would they choose one person from among them?

You can’t make that huge changes to the show in a couple of minutes.

6 episodes are not enough to tell the end of such an epic story.

Even though season 8 was a mess we need to remember the masterpiece that is the books and the whole show. Game of Thrones does deserve the hype.

Game of Thrones is forever. It’s up there with the legendary stories like harry potter or lord of the rings. The effect it had, has, and will have on millions of fans is mindblowing. I’m forever grateful I was able to grow with the game of thrones.

It’s the greatest story ever told.

Thank you.


  1. May 22, 2019 / 11:03 pm

    Really though, it was lazily scripted… There are a lot of missing puzzles and I sure as hell waited 7 whole season for a lame fight… I expected to at least see the knight king lift up a hand and actually get into a real fight. Yeah yeah Arya is a great fighter but damn they could have at least made her fight the knight king. I would would have loved to see some swords in the air. Like really the living dead fought way harder than their king. Overall I am left with a bunch of questions and actually really disappointed, like who ends a finale season with so many unanswered questions…. Geez.

    Thank you for the nice blog it was really easy to read and touched on subjects that I was wondering about

  2. May 23, 2019 / 4:16 pm

    I was disappointed in the end too. I just didn’t find it plausible that Bran would be nominated as king. The writers didn’t prep that well. Where were his credentials? He was a non-character and I didn’t believe everyone would just fall in line. Then, with a 1/2 million people burned alive, I hated the comedy at the end, the ridiculous book and the joking. UGH. The whole last episode felt rushed and superficial to me. What a disappointment after years of amazing work.

  3. Dr. Bob Newport
    May 24, 2019 / 8:27 pm

    I watched only two episodes of this tv mellodrama; S01Epi01 and S08Epi06. Yes that’s right, the first and the last. (I would have skipped the last but for wanting to hear what you would say about it. I watched the first because I liked Martin’s earlier stories) Your comments say everything I thought, except; “Dark, who needs it? Life is dark enough. I am old enough to survived many darks and now choose to live in the light. That’s where the love lives. Thanks for your very critical and right on comments.

  4. July 29, 2019 / 11:23 pm

    I was very surprised it was Bran at the end. Great discussion here!

    • natalieihnatova
      August 2, 2019 / 11:56 am

      yes, no one saw that comming, thank you

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