Game of Thrones episode 5 of the final season was even more disappointing than I expected in my last game of thrones reflection titled: What was wrong with Game of thrones s08e04 writing. We are witnessing the downfall of incredible TV shows live and all we can do is watch. SPOILERS ALERT.

I’m just so tired guys. This show is exhausting. There is no point or logic in what we’re witnessing in this downfall of a show. I was so excited before season 8. There was so much potential. The last 7 seasons were building up to the grand finale. Something promising. For the last couple of years, we were hung up on this incredibly thorough fantasy universe created by GRRM.

And we are left with this? 

We have brilliant directing, editing, cinematography, spectacular acting, music, sound editing, visual effects but horrible writing.

I get that the writers are keen on shock value. That was always part of the GOT. But that was just one part of what made the show so great. The main reason was the story and the writers suddenly forgot about the books, even forgot about their own previous writing, and focused only on how to make the plot unpredictable.

We got the shock value without the proper story.

In the end, I was not surprised by anything that happened because it was such a mess I couldn’t understand and therefore even care.

The desperate need to outsmart their fans is beyond me.

Seems like season 8 is its own show with no deeper connection to previous seasons. There was no point in most of the events that occurred in season 1-7 for season 8 like for example:

  • Bran becoming Three-Eyed Raven for what.
  • Arya becoming no one, faceless assassin for what. For that one scene? To kill the global threat in one episode. Really?
  • John coming back from death for what. Scream at a Dragon? Fuck his aunt?
  • Yara Greyjoy who?
  • Brienne meeting Jaime for what? To lose her virginity?
  • Cersei getting pregnant because…?

Whole Jaime Lannister character arc development for what. Please tell me what was the point of keeping Jaime alive for this long, watching his attempt for redemption, his relationship with Brienne just so he can NOPE out of everything, run back to Cersei, and to die in such a dull way?

Claiming he never cared for the innocent is just stupid. He gave up his reputation and stab a Mad King in a back to save innocents in the first place. Now the writers stabbed him in the back.

Sure he fucks his sister and pushes kids out of the window but still, the great work Nikolaj Coster-Waldau put into Jaimes’s character goes off for this ending? I feel so sorry for him. No wonder he made GOT pay him 1milion$ for the next episode he’s not even gonna star in.

As Jaime said: NOTHING MATTERS. At least not in this show anymore.

Talking about being unfair let’s turn to the queen of destroyed character Daenerys Targaryen. Daenerys is a breaker of chains and she will always be even when writers try to erase all of her past achievements and make her the bad guy.

D&D had the nerve to talk about foreshadowing that Danny was mad all along because she wasn’t as upset with her brother’s death as she should be. Talking about double standards. Tyrion Lannister strangled a woman he loved and then killed his father and no single soul called him crazy. Danny doesn’t show emotion when her abusive brother gets killed and she’s that bitch.

Why would you spend 7 seasons building someone up as a hero only to switch to villain in the last minute?

That’s not a shock. That’s grasping at straws.

First of all, foreshadowing is not cannon writing. You know what else was foreshadowed?

  • Danny being pregnant
  • Jon killing Night King
  • End of the world
  • Bran dying
  • Jamie going through with his character development for better

Second of all woman with no make-up on, messy hair, deep blue bags under her eyes is not Mad. Being furious is not the same as being mad.

If you want a true example of foreshadowing just look at s08e06 title.


I wonder what could possibly happen in that episode. The fact they even released this title shows how no one from the GOT staff gives a crap anymore. It’s all just so bad.

If D&Ds goal was to put all women who looked up to Daenerys and who felt empowered by her, in their place then they did a spectacular job. We get it, you hate women.

People are angry and it’s not because we’re not getting the ending we wanted. Hell, we all know GOT is a tricky business. What’s the absolute worst is that they are in such a rush to end things that they don’t make sense and not even the writers themself can justify them. Just watch behind episode 5 and see their struggle to explain why they did what they did.

No one expected a happy ending but we thought the characters would be true to themselves and not turn their back on everything they stood for 7 seasons.

HBO themselves offered D&D more money to make 10 episodes instead of 6 and they said “NAH we’ll destroy this epic story in just 6 episodes thanks”. They had to know their creation was no good. Actors playing the characters shared their disapprovement and disappointment. And the writers did nothing to fix that.

I don’t know if they made some secret deal with GRRM to make the ending of the series not favorable for the viewers so the so far unfinished books by GRRM will be selling like crazy. I just don’t believe any decent writer would do this kind of damage to his characters.

We are left with a message that no matter how hard you try to redeem yourself, to grow, be better,  none of it matters. Change is unreachable and you’ll always be what you were supposed to be.

I wonder how much worse could the last remaining episode get. I never thought I would say this but I’m actually glad Game of Thrones is ending and I can turn myself to fix-it fanfictions and be reminded that there are still writers who understand the characters.

You know that quote:

You Either Die A Hero, Or You Live Long Enough To See Yourself Become The Villain

Yeah, Game of Thrones should have ended seasons ago.




  1. May 15, 2019 / 10:00 am

    Can we not all together make a script that will be a good new movie? Or how do you think about it?

  2. May 16, 2019 / 8:18 pm

    The characters either act stupid, act differently than they have before, sometimes a complete 180, just for plot convenience. While there is an underlying nihilism to the entire story, the last two seasons are meh.

    It seemed so clear that Bran’s abilities were there to control the dragons by mind riding (remember that problem where Dany locked them up for eating children and being uncontrollable, which was just dropped?) but he really serves no real purpose in the show.

    The nightking has waited 1000 years, but gets stupidly impatient. See also, Varys, Littlefinger, and a host of others

    I fully expected that Cersei being pregnant would die in a way that echoed how Rob’s wife died in the red wedding. But they just dropped a bridge on her.

    I expected Cersei to use the bells to pretend to surrender, surprise attack the other side, which would lead to Dany massacring the city which would have explained her actions better, make it understandable if still horrifying.

    Its boring, that’s the worst part. There is no emotional payoff. I know the mother and her child getting burned together was supposed to have some impact, but it didn’t, because it was obvious they were there merely to die and show how awful the razing of the city was and because they had nothing to do with the story before this point.

    Just a disappointment overall, instead of a show that people will watch for years to come, I think it will be just remembered as another disappointing finish.

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