One of the biggest fashion events of the year Met Gala did not disappoint and delivered the looks.

The theme of 2019

Camp: Notes on Fashion

This theme has plenty of interpretations as it showed on the event.

The first major essay by activist and writer Susan Sontag titled CAMP was published in 1964. The Met creators felt like the essay reflect the current cultural situation and let the understanding of the theme to the guests themself.

Bit risky but so excited.

It could be best described as breaking the boundaries, extravagance, freeform, playfulness or as Cole Sprouse put it: Inside joke.

The whole point to Camp is to dethrone the serious. Camp is playful, anti-serious. More precisely, Camp involves a new, more complex relation to “the serious”. One can be serious about the frivolous, frivolous about serious.

-Susan Sontag, Notes on Camp


I still believe that last years Met Gala 2018 was the highlight of the Galas and the theme Heavenly Bodies: Fashion and the Catholic Imagination could never be topped. The creations from last year was literally heavenly and I’m still not over how perfect that was.

This is the night you can go literally bonkers with fashion, anything goes, you can let your imagination runs wild.

So many possibilities.

Sadly still many stars pass on this opportunity and still consider simple suit a highlight of fashion.

Of course your simple dress are lovely but grow some balls girl.

Each year you can see a group of straight dudes dressed in black suits and I’m wondering why.

What are you afraid of?

It would take a while to shatter toxic masculinity. Untill boys starts to be completely comfortable with fashion, despite of their social status, so many potential would go wasted.

Thankfully there are some stars who grabs this unique chance and blow us all away with their outfits.

Here are my favourite Met Gala 2019 looks that deserves recognition.

Erza Miller is a fashion icon and they have proved it once again. Even thought they wore a suit per say the look is diametrically far from ordinary. The diamond studded corset over the striped suit with a cape, designer boots, face mask in their hand and finally let’s talk about the make up.

Holly hell it’s brilliant.

I’ve seen this make up art before on some Halloween make up tutorial videos but never have I thought I would see that make up on such prestige event.

Erza arrived at event covering their face with the mask and body with white cape till they finally showed the world their creation. They said they tried to approach several designers with this met gala costume idea but many were afraid. Many lack the guts Eraz has. His look was custom-made by Burberry’s Riccardo Tisci and in my opinion it’s the definition of the Camp theme.

Incredible space cowboy Cody Fern got me with this look. He is another one of my favourite gay guys with fashion sense to kill for.

Wearing a beige color suit with a transparent black top, black gloves, bright blue cowboy boots, and a blue turtleneck was stunning choice. Even thought many stars were dressed in more colorful or massive designs I’m sure Cody was catching all of the attention.

Last time I saw Darren Criss acting was in The Assassination of Gianni Versace I wrote a review of some time ago. He clearly caught some style cuz this look is definitely something a Versace himself would approve.

Looks perfect, love the play with the details.

Billi porter arrived at Met gala 2019 on a chaise carried by 6 hot shirtless men and it that is not the goal then I don’t know what is. This look reminded me a bit of last years heavenly theme because dark skin and gold is goddess combination.

Billi later on literally spread his golden wings and nothing can top that.

So far I’ve shared my only males favourite costumes.

It’s kinda funny that in comparison to these savaged looks many talk only about Harry Styles and his black Gucci laced outfit completed with several jewellers. It was great. Truly. And even more when you think about the pressure that has been put on this young guy and how to present himself as a fashion enthusiast would compromise his boyish image.

But still – there were better.

And now for my favourite ladies. Janelle Monae fascinates me. The Picasso art look with a huge hat – who would have thought would look so good?

Janelle was dressed by designer Christian Siriano, who also created that Billi Porter Oscars 2019 look I’ve talked about in What happened at Oscars 2019?

Dua Lipa wearing Versace design dress at Met gala 2019 and I love the playfulness of it. Also many ladies seemed to do their hair big and up and put hair clips in them. Coordinate much.

I feel like this is just a typical look for Florence as she slays all the time with her bohemian looks. Love the incredibly detailed cape.

But the best look definitely belongs to Zendaya and her Cinderella look. Not only did her dress glow, not only did she brought her own fairy godmother to light up her dress, she even lost a freaking slipper on the stairs.

Zendaya never disappoints with her Met Gala costumes.

Remember last year Johan of arc? Yess that was great.

Lot of attention was caught up with Kardashians. Only 4 of them attended this years Met Gala. Kim Kardashian West, Kylie, Kendal and Kris Jenner. This ladies looked great but I’m still bit left down cuz they could have gone bigger than that.

They played it more on their perfect body shapes than actual fashion. Wearing Versace sure – but too simple.

Let’s see what next year brings. So excited already.


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  1. Dr. Bob Newport
    May 7, 2019 / 8:36 pm

    Thanks for the peeps….Wow. Over the top. But then I have thought that most of fashion for the past fifty years, has been o-v-t. Thanks again Dr. Bob

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