As I sit here on this Saturday, May evening searching fashion websites as I usually do, I keep stumbling across yellow. Not everybody can pull that out which sucks. But above it all, it pleases me very much that we all collectively choose such happy color this season. I guess we subconsciously feel the need to bring color back to our wardrobes and fashion brands such as Forever21 embraced that.

Ironically on this rainy day, I spend hours creating outfits with forever21 dominance of yellow.

The whole promo idea of forever21 these days is to stay colorful.

I personally find it incredible. When I was younger, and well it’s pretty much still stuck with me till this day, I never wore any other color than black and different shades of black. Black is a visual display of elegance and it’s safe. You can never go wrong with a black and white combo.

But why do you need to play it safe?

I know the transition from black to colors is not easy. Hell, it took me several years since I somehow unconsciously opened the door for colors in my life. It was never planed in my case but one day I looked around and realized I overgrown my black phase. There are still days when I just pull out plain black clothing from my closet simply because of laziness and convenience. Unplanned.

But there are times when I do think and prepare my outfits beforehand.

Not like in the movies when a girl enthusiastically opens both of the closet doors at once and takes a deep breath when the music starts to play as she just starts pulling out clothes at random.

For me, it’s more like lying awake at night planning my next day in my head.

Today I took pre-assembling outfits to next level. I used the shop look app to create visuals of my favorites from forever21 and I’m about to share them with you.

Basic clean style.

The dress with a turtleneck and pastel yellow stripes combined with a denim jacket is such a lovely combination. The yellow in this outfit is stable except for stylish retro yellow sunglasses I’m just obsessed with. The out of the world experience is intensified with alien boots and a double plastic yellow handbag.

If you’re still having a problem with adding colors to your dark wardrobe this outfit would be just for you. Mustard yellow long-sleeved dresses create a casual look. Combine it with dark accessories like foxy black high heel boots and a backpack and you have rebellious look right away. Another retro glasses because I love it.

This look is still somehow dark even though it’s yellow.

Artistic retro yellow tight turtleneck with denim mini skirt is so vintage. I couldn’t resist funky cherry earrings and a transparent plastic handbag. Platformer sandals are just a stable way to complete the look. It’s almost funny that each of these pieces would be dominant on their own in different combinations but in this one, they complement each other.

All of these looks can be purchased on forever21. I don’t think forev21 needs an introduction.

Who doesn’t know forever21?

Let’s yellow rule over this May.


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  1. alexa
    May 17, 2019 / 7:25 pm

    I stopped shopping online at Forever 21 for two reasons. They see XL as a plus size and it is not. There are rare exceptions. Coats mainly. Manh fashion house see size 14–an XL as part of normal sizing. I have lost weigh and no longer wear tha. Now a 10 and sometimes 12 but that remains. Also their sizes were always two sizes TOO SMALL.. A large fit like a small on the bigger side. They undersize so much.

    However this spring and what they had to offer impressed me as well and so I played it safe and got a cardigan. It fit–in my size.–not two smaller! I didn’t feel as if I was buying form Wish!

    But I also see myself as too old for their garments. I am more of a Maurice’s and LOFT girl with ANA form Penney’s thrown in. You however are adorable in the selections you talk of.

    Now I feel old.

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