It’s been a tough week for Starks. I’m sure we can all agree on that. We stand 2 Hero Starks. Two true legends from both Marvel and Game of Thrones universe.

Tony Stark and Arya Stark.

Just a couple of hours since I watched Avengers: Endgame and wrote my many thoughts about that in my Avengers: Endgame point by point article, I found myself setting my alarm clock to early morning time (thank you time zones) and watching the very anticipated battle of Winterfell.

Again just like 2 times before already as in my Let’s reflect on Game of thrones s08e01 and Let’s reflect on Game of thrones s08e02, I have many thoughts about this one episode as well.

Clearly many spoilers ahead.

No leaked episode this week. I’m 99% sure it’s because everyone was so occupied with endgame and couldn’t handle any more emotional trauma. We all tried to save some time I guess.

I don’t know if it’s because I was expecting some true horrors but I was left kind disappointed. Sadly I was expected to bawl my eyes out and sure I did some embarrassing screaming but that’s pretty much it. I feel like all of the deaths from episode 3 were very well expected.

It was still a great episode…

BUT. In my opinion, it was over too quickly. We’ve been introduced to Nigh King’s army in the first episode of Game of thrones. Eight seasons ago. Eight years ago. Everything has been leading up to this major fight between the living and the death. And it’s been done in 82 minutes? Ehm.

I hoped we could see the fight for at least 2 episodes.

Well, to be precise I hoped we could SEE at least something.

I get that it’s the Long Night and the darkness adds to the suspense and to the drama of the death. But JFK I had no idea what was going on most of the time. My site is pretty bad as it is and I literally got a headache from squinting my eyes so hard to make some poor shapes and find out who’s dead and who’s kicking ass.

We can all agree that the lightning was terrible.

I just love the tons of memes about Game of thrones poor lightning that are swamping the internet. My favorites:

First of all, who thought it was a good idea to put Gendry on the front line?

He is a badass fighter, yes, but still, he’s no soldier, he’s the head smith and they have another war coming up literally right after this one is done. How could they make him so unguarded? They deal with ridiculous politics most of the time and yet they make this stupid strategic move?

Or maybe they know he’s Arya’s boo now therefore his plotline is protected for future purposes.

The same goes for many other characters that you just knew wouldn’t die this episode.

Their stories are protected.

Like Jamie for example. I’m sure he’s gonna reunite with Cersei so no matter how dangerous the situation he found himself in, he just walk right through. I couldn’t say the same about Brienne. She was knighted last episode and I believed that was the highlight her character could get. My heart stopped like 3 times when it almost looked like she was gone. Now we know for sure she’ll play important role in next 3 episodes otherwise the writers would get rid of her by now.

Podric is another one I was sure would die in this battle. Incorrectly. He’s the sweetest, incredible singer I love him and he has a magic dick but can somebody please share with me what is his true purpose?


Lyanna Mormont’s fate was sealed the moment she refused to stay in the crypts and Jorahs when he picked up that sword from Sam. Still my baby girls Lyanna is the best and she went out in a big big big style.

Výsledok vyhľadávania obrázkov pre dopyt theon greyjoy

Theons death was sort of useless this way. What did he expect to happen when he ran to the Night king like that? You can argue he was just trying to buy Arya sometime or that he was fulfilling his destiny. But he had no idea Arya was coming and therefore his suicide mission left Bran on the open.

Theon Greyjos character development was a piece of art and he will be missed.

You remember the last episode right? The “crypts are the safest” was mentioned at least three times. Of course, the death from the crypts would rise. So obvious. Next.

Danny and Jon. You can feel the tension and I can’t wait till we explore that further in the next episodes. I get their plan was to stand back with dragons and wait for Night king himself to show up but how well could that have worked out? There were parts of the fight where I was screaming dracarys myself. Like when the living army pull back from the field and you had the dead standing on the other side of the fire, just standing there waiting, that was the perfect moment for dragon fire to strike. Such a wasted opportunity. I was so mad.

Both Danny and Jon played a very small role in these episodes. Sure they did some badass shits like Danny fighting in combat besides never training or Jon having a screaming match with a dragon. I was expecting much more from both of them.

My humble prediction was that Jon or Danny or preferably both would kill the Night king. You know to fulfill the Azor Ahai prophecy. I never imagined it would be Arya and I feel kind of ashamed for underestimating her this way.

Looking back it makes perfect sense.

Although it’s kinda funny that everything Jon was able to talk about for so so so long was Night king and how they all need to fight him. And yet he doesn’t get to be the one to kill him but his baby sister does? Poor guy.

Sadly I don’t even remember Jon’s personality before the dead army so I’m really curious about that one.

Arya Stark’s single handle saved the world with the dagger that started it all. I was mesmerized by that library scene. How she moved so quietly to be even able to sneak up on the freaking Nigh king and his sidekicks.

And with an apparat concussion?

Výsledok vyhľadávania obrázkov pre dopyt arya stark

She really is that bitch and finally, everyone sees that.

I adore the fuzz Arya is causing these days. First of all, having consensual sex on Game of Thrones, which clearly upsets many people. Secondly having the authenticity to fulfill the prophecy of Azor Ahai that people argue was not hers to do so.

Arya knows death. She fought her, cheated her, and even became her. I can’t stress enough how poetic that is.

We have seen so many characters in this show whose main purpose was to form Arya or to keep her alive like Beric or the Hound. Hound losing his shit with the sight of fire, his one true fear, made this harsh bastard personality so humanly. I even felt so sorry for him.

I felt so nostalgic with the mention of Syrio. I’m so glad they changed his catch like from the book one “fear cuts deeper than the sword” to “what do we say to the god of death? Not today.” Fits better.

What scares me now though, is what happens with Arya now that the deed is done. I can’t dare to hope for a happy ending for her even though I wish for my girl to finally rest.

Game of Thrones once again made me realize how focused it is on female characters.

The best characters ever written has to be females of GOT. The sophistication, the bravery, and the brains they all posses is unbelievable.

What would the men of GOT do without them this episode?

Men of GOT stood their ground and did a great job. But it was the women of GOT that made a change.

Melisandre setting Dothrakis weapons on fire or setting the barrier on fire. Late reminding Arya of her true purpose. Sansa might seem useless this episode but she was ready to fight her way through her dead relatives. Daenerys’s strength and courage is unquestionable not only in this episode. Lyanna taking down a giant while being crushed to death !? Excuse me? And finally Arya the savior of the world.

I just can’t wait for the next episode when everybody finds out it was 18 years old girl who saved their asses.

Episode 4 looks promising.

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  1. May 6, 2019 / 1:10 am

    Charlee: “Our dada usually just watches TV quietly but in the scene at the end of this episode he actually clapped and cheered.”
    Chaplin: “Yes, it scared me. I did not appreciate it and made him give me treats before I would cozy up to him again.”
    Charlee: “Maybe if you’re lucky there will be another episode like this soon, Chaplin, so you can guilt Dada into giving you more treats.”
    Chaplin: “We can hope!”

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