The final week is finally here and if you haven’t watched Avengers: Endgame yet, beware that this is gonna be plain dissected spoilers ahead. Let’s hear my many many opinions I have after watching Endgame.

Shall we?

Výsledok vyhľadávania obrázkov pre dopyt avengers endgame

First of all, it’s pretty much established by now that you have to be a marvel fan to enjoy or at least understand the movies. Everything connects and follows previous movies and even I – someone who has watched them all – I got lost a few times during this 3 hours long ride. Of course, the timelines jumps only added to my confusion and made me realize I should have rewatched at least some of the movies.

For example, when Capitan America 1 was fighting with Capitan America 2 and he used the “bucky is alive” line I was seriously like “so what? he has been for a while now. How could this have such an impact on cap 2?“.

Secondly, I realized how many marvel movies there have been when all of the characters started lining up and I got super excited to see them all altogether. But since there were all of them I couldn’t really focus on anyone in particular. I wanted to pay attention to every one of my favorites but I just lost track.

Btw big like for fight scenes finally not being as dark as it used to be. Sure it was still darker for effect but I felt like I could finally see what the hell was going on.

You just can’t bring someone to avengers: Endgame who hasn’t seen any of the movies before. I mean yes they could watch it for a great cinematic experience. But that is not really why we all still watch it isn’t it?

It’s all about the emotional investment.

Do you even realize it’s been 11 years since the first movie came out? It’s been 22 freaking movies guys. If you managed to get off the marvel train along the way good for you. But most of us would be damned if we didn’t know what happens next. It feels almost like an obligation to watch it now. To know what is going on with the guys I have been watching for 11 years.

All things must come to an end. With this many movies and this many fans, you simply can’t please everybody and you can’t make right by every character.

For me, it was 3 hours of judgmental rollercoaster so let’s look closer to what has been bothering me.

Making fat Thor for comedic value was unnecessary. You remember Thor the Ragnarök? That movie was hilarious and you didn’t need to make him fat to be funny.

What I appreciate though was the emotional depth, his soft side that you never expect to see from such a masculine character. To see this strong guy grieve was refreshing. It was heartbreaking that even when he killed Thanos it brought him no peace. Just pure numbness. His “I went for the head” line might have been funny until you realize how automatic his action become and that it simply can’t be undone what has been done before. I just feel sad for not mentioning Loki personally.

Thor’s attractiveness has always been the first-word people used in describing this God of thunder. It’s great that they take away that part of him to show the true brilliance of the character. I’d love to see thick Thor kicking ass from now on.

I’ve always loved Nat, and not only because we share the same name. She was one of the first female characters ever portrayed in superhero movies. Well since I was a kid and I always looked up to her. Even when she was overlay sexualized during the first years of marvel movies.

Let me tell you Natalie did not deserve to go down this way.

I hate surprises. Ever since I was a little kid and reading more books I could count I would always turn to the last page to see how will it end. It wasn’t different with endgame for me. I knew about the major deaths and basic plot beforehand as I always do.

Later on, I judge the spoiled facts by the power they hold over me even when I know about the shock feature.

Can the death make me cry anyway? How well do you kill off that character?

And let me tell you only one of the two main characters death made me cry during this movie and is hasn’t been Natasha’s.

They did my girl Natasha dirty. NO FUNERAL? Are you for real? We have time for all of the sassy banter and jokes but not to say a proper goodbye to a character that has been with us since forever?

I understand why this seemingly cruel assassin had to sacrifice herself to show her true kindness but I feel cheated on because of the lack of follow-up to the moment. Yes “tell them yourself” or “it’s ok” was truly emotional but it was not enough. I always imagined her dying big style.

Go hard or go home and my girl deserved to go in a huge glory. Not like this.

It should have been Clint. I love him but wtf is wrong with you dude? Half of the world is gone and you go on your assassin run ad try to kill the reminder half? How could that make any sense in your head?

He knew it was supposed to be him and now he’ll have to live with that fact.

Iron dad is a beautiful character development.

Výsledok vyhľadávania obrázkov pre dopyt iron man endgame

Even before I searched for the spoilers it was pretty obvious that Iron Man would die in Endgame. We’ve been leading to that moment for a while now but the death scene was made perfectly. His relationship with Peter warms my heart and breaks it at the same time.

That’s how you say a final goodbye to a character that has been there since the beginning!

Now that it’s over we can all appreciate the incredible work RDJ has done for the last couple of years. There could have never been anyone else better suited for this character.

I am Iron Man.

The words that started of his incredible journey and the words that ended it. Poetry.

I love you 3000 is a thing now and it made me cry.

Steve Rogers is a freaking hypocrite. He had the nerve to tell other people to move on and yet he is the one who could not move on from his first love. But I can never be angry at that America’s ass for too long.

Wouldn’t we all go back in time and do some changes if we could?

Still, how could captains going back and living a life with Peggy not affect reality? She had a husband and kids, didn’t she?

Unless.. her husband has been Steve this whole time.

This theory has a bunch of plot holes but if you think about it we never knew who she married, never knew the name or the face. Could it be Steve all along? Or did the writers just wing it?

Výsledok vyhľadávania obrázkov pre dopyt captain america avenge the fallen

I find Captain America growing old and passing the torch very dear. Black Captain America is what we all need. I feel sad for Bucky though. Imagine your best friend, your brother, giving up everything and going back in time to live without you. The relationship they two had and what they both sacrificed for the other was too precious to end like this. Just how many movies were about Bucky and his redemption? On the other hand, he is safe now and free to live his life sadly without his best friend now.

Top of the comedy and irony for me was Capitan America saying Hail Hydra. How easily manipulated.

We all suspected Steve was worth of Mjolnir. My question is: was he always worth it – meaning back in the time when he was trying to pick it up alongside with other guys at that party, was he just pretending he couldn’t pick it up so he won’t hurt Thor’s feelings? Or something suddenly changed?

With the amount of characters, you can’t give everyone a proper screen time. But it is still clear it takes literally seconds to fall in love with Peter Parker and his pure soul just as all of the Marvel ladies did.

Also talking about girls power.

I just hate it when female characters fight only female characters in every movie ever. To see my ladies unite and fight together was beautiful.

Peter lost his hero dad but got a bunch of new moms who cares for him just as much.

Time travel is always a very complicated subject and Avengers time travel was no exception.

Did you guys get it? How did they do it? Did I just missed the explanation so I just accepted it as a given?

Well ok time travel is here and I was super confused about what and when was happening. If you just as I had a problem coping with the timeline incredible Tumblr user mulaneysbutt (lol) created this graf for better understanding:

So many things happened during those 3 hours.

But most of the major story plots took only a few minutes even though they deserved much more.

Like Tony meeting his father and they talking dad stuff.

Loki taking tesseract is one of the timelines – could it mean we can expect something wicked from Loki even though he’s supposedly dead and even Tom Hiddleston said goodbye to the character? But could we really be sure with Loki? Ever?

Gamora and Nebulas interaction.

Banner and Hulks conjunction deserved more screen I guess. It could have been portrayed nicely to see Banner finally accepting this part of himself. But at least we got the see the final outcome.

Bucky and Sams relationship could have been explored more but maybe they are saving it for their upcoming series I’m super excited about.

And then there were really unnecessary moments. I get why they made Wanda remember Vision at the end of the movie but I just had enough of those two. Not a fan sorry. Steve staring at Peggy took sooo long. I loved those two but it was done, we all moved on to only bring that part back again? Gosh, I’m really upset that Steve got together with Peggy and we don’t get to see any of that. Also, why won’t he talk about her? Is it only because he wants to keep his love life private (even from his best friend) or he literally can’t because it would disrupt the newly created timeline?

At least he got that dance.

Expectation for avengers: endgame was so high and amazingly they managed to meet them.

This whole week has been emotionally draining with all of the anticipation and spoilers and finally watching the long-expected and long movie. How cruel of me to watch Endgame on the same day game of thrones episode 3 comes on?

My poor Starks.

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