Another Sunday/Monday means another Game of Thrones episode. I’ve got a lot to say once again.

First of all about HBO – I understand it must have been hard to keep everything secret and they tried their best to keep everything that way.


I seriously don’t understand how you guys do it but every time someone somewhere manages to leak the whole episode.

So there I was Sunday evening but European time zone in Slovakia with the link to the leaked episode.

Before I opened the link, I checked #gameofthrones tag on Tumblr to find out if it’s real and not some rick-roll. To my great astonishment, I found out the biggest spoiler I’ve been expecting for over 6 years now.

Gendrya is a cannon.

Obviously, I hit that button just as Arya hit that.

Sadly I invited my friend over cuz I haven’t seen her for several months and I was so excited for her just as for the new episode. I only had time to fast forward to THAT part of the show and I could happily focus on my guest once I know all about my babies hitting it off.

Later on, the link was taken down but the damage has been done.

Dreams came true.

Let’s reflect on Game of thrones s08e02:

  • Brienne standing up for Jaime
  • Their domestic conversations
  • Jaime knighting Brienne – something she and I always wanted for her
  • Have we ever seen Brienne smile that much?
  • Every Thormund scene
  • “At least we’ll die together”
  • Once again please let Thormund survive
  • Lannister brothers bonding
  • I enjoy Jaime openly talking about fucking his sister with his little brother – something I never saw coming
  • I’m all in for lady bosses bonding over how short Jon Snow is but even though Danny claims to love Jon her intention turning straight murderous once she learns she’s been fucking the rightful heir to the Iron throne. She’s been upset about Jons claim for the throne and not because he’s her nephew. Only in GOT.
  • The breakfast club sitting by the fire and just hanging out before the end of the world.
  • Arya going “ I’m not gonna die a virgin. I’m gonna ride a bull “ is a big dick energy.
  • Every gendrya scene.

  • Gendry slamming that ax to the ground and Arya getting turned on
  • Arya throwing those knives and Gendry getting turned on
  • I just love how they act like they haven’t spent so much time apart thinking the other one is dead. They just get off where they left off. Being so honest with each other. No secrets. (Well except for Arya being a faceless assassin). But I’m sure that talk will come after the war (yes they will both survive) along with the scars talk.
  • “Yeah I never had leeches put all over my cock” Gendry
  • Arya is like the only female character on this show having consensual sex at an appropriate age with someone she knows, likes, and trusts.
  • I get why is everyone horrified with the sex scene. We all got to see Maisie Williams grow up on the show. She became all of our little sister. It’s hard to comprehend our sister is a grown up woman who wants to have sex before she dies.
  • There is so much left unsaid for those two to die in the next episode.


  • Why is every Theon/Sansa moment so emotional?
  • Let them eat soup in peace
  • Podric singing gave me chills and let me tell you how incredible the song is. If you’re wondering is Jenny of Oldstones (Game of thrones single) by Florence + The MachineĀ and I had it on repeat ever since.
  • The scenes flashing from one to another to this song was a beautiful cinematic experience.
  • This episode was so cute, peaceful, and just straight-up “calm before the storm”
  • Honestly, I’m so scared for the next episode
  • I see what D&D are doing
  • We all love the show, love the characters. For the last 2 episodes, we get to see so much more of them, so many romantic and funny moments to make us fall deeper for the Game of thrones. That way the hurt from the big fight would be much greater.
  • Nothing sums it up better than this:




  1. April 22, 2019 / 4:45 pm

    Calm before the storm is right. Next week will start the insanity.

  2. Tara
    April 22, 2019 / 5:19 pm

    YES I can totally see why people became uncomfortable about Arya and Gendry but, you said it: it was on her OWN terms and that was so powerful. Calm before the storm for sure.

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