Game of Thrones final season eight first episode premiered over a day ago therefore I assume pretty much everyone who’s interested has already watched it.

Clearly, there are gonna be a lot of spoilers in my reflection of s08e01. Let’s dig into it.

First of all, let me say how much I was pissed at HBOgo. I get that they had a lot of pressure put on them for such an enormous premiere. But hon you had 2 years since last season to prepare for massive stream. It was obvious that millions of people would log in and watch the premiere at the same time.

If you’re confused by my judgy words – lucky you.

To clarify. As the premiere was worldwide due to time zones I set my alarm at 3 am in the night to watch the show as that is just the nerd I am.

I bought my HBOgo membership some time ago just for the GOT as many other people did.

As the premiere time stroke HBOgo went down.

It kept popping up errors, couldn’t find the website, kept loading and it went the same for both phone and laptop. Firstly I was angry with my technology as I put the blame on myself for low connection or whatever.

Until I logged onto Twitter and saw that right beside #gameofthrones, #winterishere or #got trends was trending one particular hashtag. #hbogodown.

Clearly, I was not alone in my struggle. It took HBOgo exactly 36 minutes to fix the issues and I was finally able to watch the episode at 3:36 in the morning.

And I don’t regret my early alarm one bit.

Let’s reflect on GOT s08e01

  • So many reunions I wished for.
  • Daenerys and Sansa tension is gonna entertain us for a long time I bet
  • Danny stepped out of the line when threatening Sansas life (even indirectly) to John
  • Sansa is right and she has every right to be pissed as she is the one supposed to feed all of the allies.
  • Also, how can she be the only one who sees right through Cersei?
  • The entrance!
  • Outsiders riding to Winterfall with everyone watching was spectacular. The contrast was awesome.
  • All of the facial expression of Arya when she met her boys.
  • I’m 99% convinced D&D read so many fanfictions during the hiatus
  • When did GOT became so funny?

  • Seriously do you guys remember so many sassy and funny lines in one episode?
  • How to train your dragon bit was nice but unnecessary I believe.
  • I always had blue eyes. Gosh, I hope Tormund survives.
  • Everyone seems too chill for the fact that there is an army of zombies heading their way to kill them all
  • They all need to get over the titles. It literally doesn’t matter.
  • Again there is an army of zombies heading your way to kill you all. And all you care about is what title Jon has. He clearly doesn’t want any. Every time a poor guy gets rid of some title they put another higher one on him.
  • I never thought Bran would be my favorite
  • Bran is a little shit who loves drama and it’s so ridiculous that he is the one telling everyone to get their shit together and then decides to just sit inconvenient places to judge everyone
  • So many stares. It was hilarious.
  • I’m waiting for an old friend. Bran you dog.

  • I still don’t see the importance in Greyjoys plotlines. Sorry.
  • Euron Greyjoy is terrible and that’s a fact
  • Cersei warmed my heart with her wish for elephants and that’s something I never expected.
  • Also, I’m starting to doubt she’s really pregnant. It might be just her manipulation strategy.
  • I used to root for Jon and Danny but now when I see them actually together is too cringy for me. I just don’t feel the chemistry anymore.
  • But I like smiley Daenerys at least for a few episodes. You know it won’t last until something will go horribly wrong and she deserves some happy moments.
  • Remember when Robert Baratheon said to Ned Stark: “I have a son you have a daughter let’s join our houses”
  • Gendrya

  • That’s all
  • That’s all I remember from the episode
  • I replayed that cute bit a hundred times.
  • We’ve been waiting for 5 seasons for the interaction and we’ve been so blessed with the Gendry and Arya reunion.
  • I was so tensed with anticipation. My expectations were so high due to the many fanfictions I read. Clearly me and D&D read the same ones
  • The forge scene
  • Gendry being so flushed and tripping over his own words.
  • The shameless flirting and teasing
  • I knew Milady was coming but I was still so pleased
  • I was so happy to see Arya truly smile again for what seemed like forever.
  • Even giggling like a schoolgirl. That’s our favorite deadly assassin ladies and gentlemen.
  • Maisie Williams said that meeting with Gendry reminded Arya of “the girl she used to be, who she was in love with and would follow to the end of the world”
  • Aka GENDRYA is cannon
  • I realize all I care about right now is those two living happily ever after. No matter who sits on the throne.
  • I just have one fear for the big fight for Gendrya. This is Game of thrones you can never like one character cuz they will die sooner or later.
  • Arya and Jon’s reunion was sweet as well but I feel like there is some invisible block between them that forbids them from recovering from their previous relationship.
  • So many secrets between them.
  • It was different with Gendry though. Both reunions with bastard boys were sweet but with Gendry there were immediate acceptance and they just pick up from where they left off. Adorable banter. But with Jon, there was some sort of distance.
  • It took a lot of courage from Sam to tell Jon he’s fucking his aunt
  • His aunt who just murdered Sams father and brother
  • And he even thanked Danny for telling him. That was too much.
  • Jamie and Bran stare off contest was a great way to end the episode

  • This whole 50 minutes was just a reintroduction of the characters. If you think about it – no serious plotlines occurred. Most of them we knew before or were too obvious.
  • All of the characters had a short time to reappear on the scene, show some character development and satisfy the fans.
  • Let’s see how the rest would go but I feel like this episode was just like the pilot – just to explain what is going on without something going on.
  • Still, I loved the episode because I missed them all terribly.

    Expectations were high but Game of thrones 8080 met my hopes.

    So far my Game of thrones predictions with Natalia is not wrong.



  1. April 17, 2019 / 11:02 pm

    Loved your synopsis!! I couldn’t believe that viewers were disappointed in the episode. I loved it all and my husband has been calling me Mother of Kittens all week. I agree with you about Arya and Gendry and sadly, Jon and Dany. I read a rumor that Cersei might give birth to a child with dwarfism. An interesting thought…

  2. April 18, 2019 / 9:59 am

    Very nice article! Yea, I like the couple chemistry developing there (except for Cersei and Euron 😛 ). Now that Jaime arrived, I can only wonder where that big wench Brienne is?

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