I’ve been living in Prague for over 8 months now. I feel so at home in this spectacular town. Even though it sometimes gets lonely. To move to the big city to start your life over. There were times when I was doubting my choices, for example when I got sick and I got no one but myself to take care of me.

But still, I wouldn’t trade it for the world.

My parents came to visit me for the first time since I moved here on the weekend before Easter. We as a family visited Prague 20 years ago for my first time. We were on our way to America and made a small touristy stops to visit Prague and its huge landmarks and famous Zoo. To be fair I have no memories of that time but judging by the photos two years old Natalia was thrilled.

So how to spend a day in Prague as a proper tourist?

Prague is very well made regarding tourist attraction and their simple and clear marking. First-time visitors don’t need to worry. They just need to pay attention to the signs and enjoy the trip.

If by chance you do get lost simply find the river Vltava and you’ll get to major tourist landmarks like Charles bridge or Dancing house or any other bridge.

Prague overflows with tourists and even though other tourists might not be very helpful in a lost situation, but sometimes you can barely tell locals from tourists.

I personally find each bridge in Prague somehow fascinating and there are plenty of bridges. Each one from the center of town is worth seeing for the view it brings.

We had a lovely walk along the river and I trained my dad as my personal photographer and he did a surprisingly great job:

We took some time on Charles bridge to take one significant photography. Me and my mum did a super cute recreation of a 20-year-old photo from Charles bridge. Even though we might not get right all of the details I still love the photo very much.

On the left, you can see 2 and a half years old Natalia eating yogurt and giving her typical grin. On the right site is 23 years old Natalia having the time of her life.

Besides Charles bridge, my parents wanted to see the famous Dancing house.

Spectacular architecture structure that catches attention.

To see such a modern building in the middle of old historic Prague is so odd and yet fascinating.

If you just have one day in Prague you would have to get off on Wenceslas square to see plagues famous horses. Wenceslas monument in the middle of the square is right in front of the National Museum building therefore impossible to miss.

Walk along the square is a touristy must. Few steps ahead and you’ll be facing another famous horse in Lucerna hall. I’m so fascinated by this downward-facing horse so much and I would recommend seeing it.

The next step in your tour should be the Astronomical clock that has been recently renewed.

Every time I come to visit the place it’s extremely crowded it’s ridiculous.

In my humble opinion, I feel like this new clock looks out-of-place. It’s so great they tried to reconstruct its previous glory and add new charm. Even though I appreciate the effort I’m no fan of this new look.

There is one more typical place to visit when you have limited time in Prague and that would have to be Vysehrad castle and its breathtaking view over Prague. All of the above-mentioned tourist attractions are free of charge – the only thing you’ll need to pay for is transportation. Metro is the way to go in my opinion as it’s cheap (110kc aka around 5$ and its unlimited rides and vehicles)

We had the luck of exploring plague in pre-Easter mood. Prague is currently full of easter eggs, bunnies, and beautiful flowers. On the place where the Christmas tree stood is now standing Easter tree.

No matter what you choose to see in Prague I’m sure it will be lovely.

I showed my parents typical touristy places I’m sure many visitors come to see and we had a great time. I’m still over the top with the fact I’m living here.

I love this city and I’d recommend everyone to take a walk through Prague at least once in their life.



  1. April 29, 2019 / 8:13 pm

    Thanks for showing the variations that are occuring in Prague. I have never seen some of these new buildings so it was quite a surprise.

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