Hey. Some time ago I got in touch with fellow fashion blogger Courtney from Australia. And we decided to create something for our beloved readers together.

If you’re wondering how does one day in a fashion bloggers life looks like we have an answer for you.

Fashion blogger is a wide concept and each blogger spend their day differently. Here is how fashion bloggers spent their day from other sites of the world.

Australian and Slovakian collaboration.

Courteney is the Australian blogger behind AestheticallyBasic.com. Her blog explores fashion, lifestyle and offers a millennial’s guide to life. Here is our collaboration on exploring a day in the life of a fashion blogger from different sides of the world. For my day in the life, head over to www.AestheticallyBasic.com.

Here is Courtney’s Day in a life of a fashion blogger:

For those that don’t know me hey! I’m Courteney and welcome to a little piece by yours truly.

Let me start by saying, I do and don’t consider myself as a fashion blogger.  In many ways, it’s more an aspiration. Fashion blogging to me is such a neat and tight box to fit into, it sometimes feels too tight.

There is only so many times you can review a new bag or show a skincare routine.

A real fashion blogger, in my opinion, is someone who loves fashion but also brave enough to share themselves.

Blogging isn’t ‘Instagram,’ it’s not perfect. It is diving into someone’s life, someone’s darkest and happiest days all on the table as well as the pretty stuff.  Someone that can encompass all of this is to me, is a fashion blogger and well.. a writer.

A day in my life huh?

We’ll grab your coffee, sit back and welcome to my world!


I live in a little place called Adelaide, South Australia. It has been described as a small town/ big city – everyone knows everyone. Funny thing is, I’ve been able to keep my little blog top-secret. Adelaide isn’t known for much, but maybe one day it’ll be known as the home of the renowned writer Courteney Tucker.

My day begins all over the place, 10 am if I’m lucky but generally at 4 am due to my crazy work schedule. Cue the coffee and yoghurt breakfast! – glamorous I know, no time for Acai bowls here.

My outfits are pre-planned and laid out for the following day, in the hopes to assist the glassy-eyed morning Courteney to not be late for work. Typically, I describe my style as somewhat preppy chic. This generally consists of, a blazer; graphic tee and trendy boots! For those of you more visual creatures, a picture is below!

I work full-time in retail, so my days revolve around being yelled at by opinionated customers, and folding clothes so many times there isn’t a number yet created for it.

I spend my lunch breaks posting, creating and gaining ideas for my blog – AKA on Pinterest.

My train ride home mostly entails drafting new posts, reading other blogger’s work or reading my current novel. When I get home, I wipe off any trace of makeup, whip on my glasses and put on an oversized t-shirt with coffee in hand ready to start writing.  Think Taylor Swift in ‘You belong with me’ and you’ve got my vibe!

Blogging is my favourite part of the day, even if it’s just reading others.

I love reading each writer’s unique style. Sometimes I slip down the road to Glenelg. This is my local beach, full of cafes that overlook the sea, one of my favourite writing spots. If you ever find yourself in little old Adelaide you’ll get to experience the wild fashion people classify as beach appropriate attire… It makes for good writing inspiration!

When dinner is over, I slip back into my chair and spend the next two or three hours studying. I’m not sure what I was thinking when I thought studying and working full-time was a good idea.

My night finishes up at around eleven when I snuggle into bed with my final coffee of the night – yes I totally know that’s weird!

The light between the crack of my door and the hallway will beam and dance for hours after I’ve fallen asleep, playing reruns of ‘The Real Housewives’ and ‘Vander pump Rules’ sometimes even until I wake up the next day!

And that my fellow bloggers is my glamorous life as a fashion blogger!

All my love,

Aesthetically Basic – A millennials’ guide to life


I hope you enjoyed Courtney’s day in a life just as I did. She has a truly incredible blog and I’m so happy I got to meet and work with such a nice person with the same interests as mine. Courtney is the one interviewing me and you can find that outcome of our collaboration on her blog as well. We had a great time.

For my Day in a Fashion Bloggers life- Slovakian edition head over to www.AestheticallyBasic.com.


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    I enjoyed reading the post. Thanks for sharing!

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    Hey, just wanted to by and say thanks for visiting my blog and liking ‘Bradley, Brandon and Butlet’. I really appreciate the support.

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