Hello. Oh, how the tables have turned. 6 years ago the famous Jonas brothers left us all young fans hanging.

Wait till we get our shit together.

Jonas Brothers

And boy did they get their shit together as yesterday they proudly announced: we’re backkkk… and I’m here for it.

Their marvelous return is accompanied by their new song called Sucker that’s taken over radios and hearts. The Jonas Brothers are back and singing about how much they love their wives.

sucker on iTunes

The song is catchy and colorful and the greatest fact is that JB now accepts the fact that most of their fans are gay. Or turned out to be. Therefore they don’t use any specific gender pronouns. It’s a little thing that matters for everyone to enjoy the song.

Jonas brothers just realized a video for Sucker single starting all of their significant others in the well-made video that truly breaks the old Jonas Brothers image. Sophie Turner, Priyanka Chopra, and Danielle Jonas are the actual stars of the Jonas Brothers “Sucker” Music Video and they truly rocks.

They went from purity rings to bondage and the internet is loving it.

Check out the video

My admiration goes to one and only Sophie Turner who had just the busiest 24 hours with her 3 new project releases. That’s one busy woman ladies and gentlemen.

Sophie Turner in her many projects

JB is back and I feel so nostalgic. Looking back at my teenage years fangirling over Joe Jonas emo phase and thinking about everything that changed since that time. Their fan base is now adults for the most part and JB is here to show off their hot wives.

To be honest, I personally adore the friendships that grew between JB wives and their Instagram pages. Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas even have their own personal Instagram photographer to capture their cute life together.

Sucker music video

Thank you for your attention

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