Hey. Even though July is almost halfway through I want to share with you my July goals, favorites = my July mood.
Prague Appartement hunt – as you might read in my university dropout article  I just ended my 3 years long “study” at Charles University and I got to move on with my life.
As a pharmacist assistant, it was not very hard for me to get a job once I figured out where I imagine my life next. The past 3 years in the Czech republic were great experiences for me and I feel like I want to spend more time in here. Even though the town where I studied called Hradec Kralove is incredible, seriously beautiful, it will still be associated with my study years for me and I just want to move on and get a fresh start.
I visited Prague several times and the magic of the city fascinates me a lot so my decision was not as hard. I’ll move to Prague soon.
I’ll be moving to an Appartement with my long time friend you know from renegade7x books section writer Domc. Hopefully, we’ll find someplace to live and move by the end of summer. I’m still working in KFC to earn some start-up money.

Retro red sunglasses. You probably saw many celebrities or instagramers wore this and I’m just another hopeless soul who got caught by their charm. I seriously love them so much – it’s great to see the world in pink.
I got them from AliExpress for 1.96$, free shipping, and waited a month to get them. If you don’t trust such cheap sites you can get some for 5$ from romwe. Don’t forget to use my discount code Natalia so you’ll get 5$ off 69$+ orders.

Fruit bowls – I wrote an article a long time ago about fruit bowls and sassy water and I’m still under its charm but in a slightly different not mixed form. No matter what fruit I currently have I just slice it up, cover it with honey ( for both vitamins and my daily sugar dose) and a great light dinner is ready.
Netflix and Dexter – I’m so hooked up on this tv show. Love the darkness, monologues, sarcastic humor, and the incredible actor. I’m on season 3 so don’t spoil it for me, please.
Gardening – I bought some discounted plants for just a few cents because they were very damaged but I bought them anyway and decided to bring them back to life. I took care of them until they bloomed again. I got myself  2 sets of mints and I make a tea out of them and also a lavender for its smell. I’m very keen on them and quite proud of myself cuz I finally managed to take good care of my plants and not like all of those dead cactuses I had over the years.
But a horrible thing happened just a moment before I sat down and wrote down this article. I was out with my sister who came in for a visit of her big sister and suddenly the storm came and strong wind knocked one of my mints down from the second-floor window. Rip my mint
Fake tattoos – even though I have 2 real ones me and my sister ordered very cheap hipster tattoos form AliExpress for around 2 dollars for those 2 sets

We cut them up, choose where to put them, watered the backside, and pulled off. Looks very cool for a photo but the quality is just as good as you would expect for 1$. It started to wash out after the first shower but we still managed to take some incredible photos I love and represent my July mood very well:

Thank you so much for your attention
xo Natalia


  1. July 13, 2018 / 6:41 am

    You are in a very practical and ever necessary line of work, so life in Prague ought to be good.

  2. July 13, 2018 / 10:38 pm

    Well done resurrecting the mint!!! I am another one who can’t keep a cactus alive! I am also trying to grow my own herbs, though I’ve only been successful with Rosemary which is really sturdy and never seems to die. I figure it’s a good place to start though. Apparently Lemon Balm is easy to grow and makes a nice tea too.
    By the way I loved reading your uni drop out article and I think you are amazing xxx

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