Hey. I’m sure many other girls with bigger asses and thighs know the struggle and impossibility of buying jeans online. Not recommended at all.

I’ve had my share of many many tries. I always checked the measurements carefully and it was always supposed to fit. But the reality is much different and after like 5th small pair of jeans I ordered I almost gave up. It’s truly bad for your self-esteem. You tell yourself “I’ll just get a bigger size next time”. But what if there is no bigger size and you already got the biggest they offer.

Thankfully I got 2 younger sisters both size S so they got to wear all of my jeans that did not meet my size and my expectations.

Yes, the size XL I ordered for myself fits my sister who is size S.

I almost never order pants for fashion reviews collaborations with any of the stores I work with but I made an exception with this one cuz they looked so nice on the official product page I couldn’t resist and thank God for that.
These jeans are like only XL size that actually fits XL body and I love them for being true to their size. Dark blue denim, stylish rips and ankle-length, higher waist, and real pockets in the back and front as well. Great deal and I would recommend them to all of my plus-sized ladies.

Unfortunately, I guess many other ladies must have liked these jeans as well and so they are currently sold out. I got it at this page and I’m sure if you keep checking on it they might restore them soon.

Here are some of the many photographs I took wearing these cute denim jeans:

Thank you so much for your attention
XO Natalia


  1. May 20, 2018 / 10:57 am

    You don’t look XL. We have this thing here called “vanity sizing”. It doesn’t help. Some brands oversize but label jeans a size down so you get to think you’re a size smaller than you are, then you try other brands and wonder why they don’t fit!

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