“Summer in USA - Wildwood”
Hey. Another getaway weekend at our american getaway was at a place called Wildwood in New Jersey. As our hosts explained to us – its popular holiday destination for many americans. It was few hours by car from Avon where we were staying most of the time. I was sleeping through whole of the road trip so I don’t remember any of the states we passed at our way.
We arrived to this lovely town with bunch of hotels and 3 km  long boardwalk. We had reservation at motel right next to the beach with incredible view over the ocean as you can see on the photos in this article. Motel had its own pool for motel visitors. We didn’t eat at the motel, we went to eat in the town every time. I can’t tell you the price as once again everything was paid by our american grandparents.
At first day we arrived quite late and we took evening walk over the city to make some plans of where to go next day. We went to boardwalk which has an incredible amount of fast food stores, amusement stores and gift shops. Over the 3 km of stores there were 3 major watermarks and amusement parks. While we  were checking them out the huge storm came so we couldn’t go on any rides that night. We just had dinner at local restaurant and prepared for next day.

Day two was water park day. Early in the morning we got in to the line for tickets to biggest water park at the boardwalk. I remember it being around 100$ per person for both waterpark and amusement park (it was at the same place but you had to buy separate tickets or you could buy tickets for just waterpark – around 40$ for whole day) Again I’m not 100% sure as we just got the tickets from our hosts. I have honestly never been to such huge waterpark before and it was incredible experience for me. They had tons of water slides and even as someone who hates water slides I just couldn’t resist going on few. You could choose from simple ones with bunch of twists or my favourite water slides with big floating wheels. I took few on my own and few times i went on double wheels with my american grandma Sue and we had great fun. I loved that it was made for people like me – who is not big fan of rides – as there was this one really big slide and you had to get really high by stairs to got to the starting point. I was starting to panic when i saw how high i am and what horrible ride would it be to get down – but – the slide had few stop pools all over itself. Meaning that i didn’t have to go all the way down at one go but it was divided into smaller parts. I loved it.
Another one I took after conquering all of my fears was Free fall slide. The slide was very short but after you got off it you would just fall for few second straight down until you hit the wather surface. I was so scared but those few seconds in free fall was incredible ! Once I hit the surface really hard and couldn’t swim up right away it wasn’t as fun as i swallowed gallons of wather and refused to go anymore.
The place is incredible for kids, there was several small pools just for little ones. My favourite was pirates pool with big floating pirates ship. Young adults like us had incredible time there at may water slides but it was even greater to watch our american grandparents to go on every ride with us! We a had a blast.
As this was middle of the summer and saturday it was filled up with many people so each ride took longer that it probably does on regular day, but you can easily overcome long queues when you’re having such fun. The day went by incredibly quickly and around five o’clock we packed ourselves, took quick shower and headed to amusement park for second part of our fun day.

We had tickets to every attraction to be found in amusement park. We took bunch of Scary rides in small trolleys – but it wasn’t scary at all. I guess it was meant for smaller children. Another one was floating ducks all over the park and from up high we had an incredible view of the whole park. Much better view was from Ferris wheel we went on. We took some spectacular photos from up there. We even met few czech speaking girls who works at the park and had nice conversation with them as they explained to us how they got to work there. I would love to work at such park over the summer too. Amusement park offered many many attractions and I can’t even remember every one we took. We were in our childhoods heaven.

We were so so exhausted after this day. We managed to take night walk over the boardwalk and taste our first fudge chocolate (loved it) and caramel apples. I know this might come as a shock but no one sells them in our country. I liked it a lot but I was so confused of how am I supposed to eat it when i cannot get the first bite through the sugary coat. (but i found a way after a while). We had dinner and few drinks. We tried chocolate margaritas and my cousin who rarely drinks got so drunk of it and it was hilarious to watch her.
Next day we planed on staying on the beach most of the day. Wildwood beaches are very wide and have this incredible soft almost white sand. We spend our day relaxing and swimming in the ocean. Later on we got to boardwalk once again for our last time. Had dinner and few drinks at this place with really nice live music and slowly said goodbye to Wildwood.

We took so many positive memories from that place. We tried so many new things and had one of the most amazing weekend in america. Before we never heard of Wildwood but after experiencing this place myself I can highly recommend it as a great summer destination.
Thank you for your attention
xo Natalia


  1. February 21, 2018 / 4:33 pm

    This sounds so fun, Natalia! (hahaha btw, I like your name ;P) I spent a week in Wildwood with the family last summer and I agree – It’s a really fun place to be.

    • nat7x
      February 22, 2018 / 8:36 pm

      Thank you i like yours too 😀

  2. The Not Fake DC
    March 17, 2018 / 5:28 pm

    Wildwood is the best. Glad you had fun

  3. May 10, 2018 / 6:33 pm

    Wildwood is awesome, we head to Avalon every year and always pop down to wildwood for dollar slices and drinks, always a good time. If you ever go again I suggest the 10 minute drive north and check out the Cape May Brewery, they do some awesome beers. Corrosion 10/10 beach beer.

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