Hey. Another item I ordered from romwe for our review program was this Burgundy Turtleneck shirt. I’m big fan of turtlenecks and this color made great impression on me at official product photo. But to be fair it looks much different from what the first photo below shows. I would not describe this color as a “burgundy”. It’s red-orange or brick color. Looks kinda retro and you will get better idea of the color in photos below. It looks white toned at official product but it’s not like that in real life.

You can see clear vertical stripes of material all the way on the front part and just as same at the back side, but with additional wider ones at shoulder blades.

At photo above you can clearly see that the back side is longer than front one. It also has small slashes at the sides that separates the longer part from shorter.
Turtleneck is loose and ruched if you want it that way but It can be stretched a lot as I’ll be showing at the photos. Material feels good on skin, I like the unusual pattern of stripes and original color.

Sleeve length is over the wrists but shoulder seam starts in the middle of arms which adds to unique style of this shirt. Also another additional seams are at the back side – just for the looks. I thought it would be like sweatshirt but the material is way too thin to be wearing as a winter sweatshirt. Here are some other photos I took:

I got myself size L as it’s my usual ize and even the measurements on their page fits mine:

Delivery was the same as always – with no complication whatsoever:

It’s currently selling at incredibly low 10$  (but they don’t anymore have all of the sizes available).
Thank you for your attention
xo Natalia

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