Hey. Another item I received for review from romwe is this cute Grey open shoulders shirt. I got it like a year ago and it’s now sold out. Romwe offers many other cute shirts so search this page for similar ones.

I saw plenty of shoulders free shirts but I wasn’t sure about getting one for myself but thank god I did. Seriously I never thought it would look that good. I like it a lot.
So basically it is a simple grey color, long-sleeved shirt but with few beautiful details. Large holes in shoulder parts and zipper (you can actually zip it up or down – on the inside is another grey textile) on both sides of your waist. Material is very good quality, feels good on skin and it looks very stylish. It looked just like the product photo showed.

I got myself size L, due to this measurements description I found on their page.

You can see the price was also very good for such an item. Romwe offers good quality for cheap prices. Check out other photos I took wearing this shirt:

Thank you for your attention
xo Natalia

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