Hey. For another review, I picked this cute Golden watch from banggood. They offer them in 3 different styles – gold, silver and rose gold. It sells at very cheap 6$ so I was not expecting very good quality.


My expectations were right and the very first problem that popped up was packing. Unfortunately, it was really badly packed. Just as I opened the package the wristwatch fell off first. I assumed it was supposed to be in that white polystyrene protection shown on the photos I took below but it wasn’t very well stuck. Surprisingly everything was ok with the watch inside as it came in one piece and without any scratches, mostly because it had foil  protections all over itself:

Overall it looks incredible and very stylish.

But ! – there were few more disadvantages than just bad packing and such:
I couldn’t open it – it got stuck. Opening was stuck together and all of my friends and family tried to open it but couldn’t till this day. So I never got to wear it – only for photos. It was big enough to get it through my wrist even closed  – what is another disadvantage as it was so big it kept falling off my hand all the time.
So in reality is useless what is really a huge shame cuz I love how it looks.
It says it’s for both genders but I would say it’s more for bigger men’s wrists. Pretty but useless.
More photos:

I hate writing bad reviews but I would not recommend this item.
Thank you for your attention
xo Natalia

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